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  1. Hi Kathie, No, We live in a house built against a hill and the entry and garage is on the basement level. Our main living area is on the "second" level. Life would be a lot easier if he could but even then he would tempted to work out in his shop and I would be terrified for him with all his "Man"tools beckoning to him before he is ready. He is so stubborn and can become focused on a project to the detriment of everything else. Janet, I do not know about this. It would seem to be a smart thing but any thing to do with possible problems out side of the facilities does not seem to be of in
  2. It looks like DH will be coming home next Wed after spending two weeks in a local rehab facility with additional therapy to follow. He now has eight screws (we finally got to see the latest x-rays) in his spine and must wear a huge turtle shell brace with no bending or twisting for the next couple of months. He is getting around with the help of a walker and progress seems good. He is very tired all the time and says he needs a good nights sleep. (He's tired, humph!!! So am I!!!!!) (Now, forgive me while I vent please.) While I will be very glad to finally have him home, I dread the
  3. Have pretty much finished painting the set of stairs. Three coats of paint and plenty of sanding. Some minor touch up to do then will put on a sealer top coat.
  4. Miniing has been spasematic over the past few weeks so have only been working on things/steps that would not be hurt if they had to wait in mid action. Gave the stairs the second paint and am waiting for it to dry. The replacement spindles arrived so I can complete that repair. DH had given me the latest Proxxon Pen Sander as a mini birthday gift but had forgotten to include the transformer and I ordered it late last week. Hope it gets here soon since it looks like the sander will be a great help with sanding the wood on the curved stairs. I ordered some very ancient looking wood stem
  5. With DH now in rehab center nearer home not spending so much time to-ing and fro-ing I have sort of caught up on house work and assured clinging dogs that we all still alive. I am looking at finishing up the flight of stairs I started last week. I have been sanding in periodic bursts and am nearly ready for the second coat of white paint on it's body. Am waiting for some replacement spindles to replace a couple of broken ones. I have so many UFPs I really do not know what ones I can work on in short spates but I am looking!!!!!!!!
  6. I have been spending my time going back and forth to the hospital. DH moved out of ICU on Saturday and and onto the regular ward. The compression was much worse then the Doctors were expecting and they had a lot more complicated situation to deal with. He is doing really well and after two or three really down days his spirit is really up and he is working hard on his rehab. He moves to a rehab hospital closer to home tomorrow. We will see how he does there. He was expecting to come home after surgery and was not too happy at first to go to rehab. It took a few days to get him to recognize he
  7. I apologies for interjecting this in this particular thread but it just sort of happened. Wish they would Holly. Thanks again for everyone's good wishes. Talked briefly with him this morning and he is feeling much better. He had seen the Dr and apparently once they got in there it was a lot worse compression then they thought. They did some fusion and general clean out and he will be in the ICU longer then we thought. Still don't know what we will do after that. Whether he will go to a rehab unit or we will get home help care. There is no way I can do any real lifting or the other as
  8. It went good. Two screws and he was kept pretty heavily sedated. They have him in the ICU and watching him closely. He has eaten and still kind of groggy when I checked a bit ago. I am pooped and heading to bed. Thanks for your good wished and prayers everyone. I am sure they helped.
  9. We're off again to the hospital shortly. Keep your fingers crossed that he get it done today. Dr rearranged his surgery schedule and DH will be done second.
  10. Yep, he is in such pain and I really feel for him. The staff at the hospital were so wonderful, I think the nurses really felt bad since all prep was done and they were about to wheel him into the ops room when the surgeon said he wanted to wait one more day since the blood thinner was still too high in his system even though he had followed the heart dr's instructions on when to stop. The surgeon says there is more possible bleeding in spinal surgery and he doesn't want to risk it. As it is he will be in ICU for at least 2 days. I hope it goes well. I feel sort of drained and depresses and
  11. We are home. he has been rescheduled for tomorrow.
  12. Thanks, off to the hospital as soon as I finish my coffee!
  13. Tomorrow is the day for DH'S surgery. Dr says it will take about four hours to complete the surgery. He will be in the hospital for a couple of days. Did get one coat of paint on the stairs and will do some sanding after I get back from the hospital tomorrow and maybe get another coat of paint on.
  14. Got all the staining finished on the stairs and completed wrapping it so that I can now paint the rest. I can't believe it took me nearly five hours to do it!!! I am not looking forward to the other set!!!!!!
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