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  1. My entry for the Undersized Urbanite contest, held by Christina of Little Victorian.
  2. Sometimes, it is the only option financially. Other times it's ease. Others are rehab houses that have the stairs glued in SO WELL there is no hope of removing them. Or maybe we just run out of steam when it comes to staircases. Putting in balusters that aren't flat is actually incredibly difficult to do! But really, does it matter?
  3. Yes. Especially if you plan on painting. Priming is a must. And a good undercoat primer for outside is good, too. Just make sure that you mark off where you will glue together and don't get paint there. Wood glues best to wood, without anything to interfere. Good luck!!!! The Orchid is such a sweet little house, with so much versatility!
  4. Every kit presents it's own unique set of problems..... Deep breaths! Keep calm and build! And, if that fails.... down a drink, flip it off....swear a little, take a break and then get at it again. And most mistakes can be remedied, or at least covered. There really is nothing more exciting than starting a new build though!!!
  5. Me, too. Everything is ordered and on its way!!! So excited to start a rug.
  6. I was surprised to see your introduction post, Jennifer! I think I always *thought* that you were already here. I love reading your blog!! (though I should make a point to comment more than I do.....)
  7. Momof2Moos

    Man Cave

    I would love that! Milk crates are definitely missing!!!
  8. My build for the Undersized Urbanite contest of 2014
  9. How did you like the paint on the plastic? When I did the backsplash in my pool house for Spring Fling, I used copper spray paint. I like that this looks more muted and less reflective.
  10. LOVE THIS!!! All the craziness goes so well together. You are doing a marvelous job!
  11. I love this! The colors, the accents, the shutters, the flowers... the walls inside, that floor! Such a good job!
  12. I had a really slow start... When the SF2013 ended, all I had done was the floor... the brown wallpaper... and I had cut out this back facade thingy....and order sinks. It was a crazy amount of work to do. And the only thing that got left out was a 1920's Ford farm truck-because I couldn't find one in the right scale!
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