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  1. My entry for the Undersized Urbanite contest, held by Christina of Little Victorian.
  2. Momof2Moos

    Man Cave

    I would love that! Milk crates are definitely missing!!!
  3. My build for the Undersized Urbanite contest of 2014
  4. How did you like the paint on the plastic? When I did the backsplash in my pool house for Spring Fling, I used copper spray paint. I like that this looks more muted and less reflective.
  5. LOVE THIS!!! All the craziness goes so well together. You are doing a marvelous job!
  6. I love this! The colors, the accents, the shutters, the flowers... the walls inside, that floor! Such a good job!
  7. I had a really slow start... When the SF2013 ended, all I had done was the floor... the brown wallpaper... and I had cut out this back facade thingy....and order sinks. It was a crazy amount of work to do. And the only thing that got left out was a 1920's Ford farm truck-because I couldn't find one in the right scale!
  8. This project started off as a gift for my father-in-law. Unfortunately, he passed away before the end of January, and this build turned into a memorial. He had been a barber for over 30 years, and worked side by side with his wife and son in a family owned shop. I modeled the Charming Cottage to look just like our RL barber shop on the outside and then did the inside in a vintage 1920's style. There was a lot of research going into this project to get everything accurate to the time. Nearly everything was handmade because of this. So come on in, get a shave, play some checkers, and shi
  9. Momof2Moos

    The White Rose

    That is, hands down, my favorite white to work with. So crisp. This Rosedale looks amazing!!!
  10. Momof2Moos

    New Doors

    I just used my dremel with it's multiple attachments... I have the 3000 and a Trio, but I used the 300 for these cuts. The rotary sander on it helped even it all out. And then a final pass with an emery board for the corners. I think a Dremel Saw Max would make it the easiest, though I have not used one. It's on my Christmas list!
  11. Thanks, Kelli. ♥ I love yours, too. And a well deserved win.
  12. Jeffrey, the paddles are just paper! I will be posting a tutorial on it in the coming days.
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