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  1. All I can say ladies is that after making a 1:48 and several 1:144 scale builds the options for 1:24 are infinite! I ended up making all of the 1:48 myself. Fortunately it was made to be a Goldielocks and 3 bears build, so I made tables and chairs out of things like off cups of dowels with flower petals glued and stiffined for the backs. It's really quite amazing what you are able to build. Part of the trick I've found working in smaller scales is to use good quality wood. Balsa just won't cut it because you can't get a fine enough finish. Hardwood works much better becauses you can get
  2. I should introduce her to my first house! Dad built a set of semi-detached houses for my sister and I when we were young. There was not a right angle in sight, no doors or windows - basically a set of shelves with an angled top. He now uses it to store paint cans and such - quite a site because it still has my selections of wall paper and magazine cut out pictures framed in popsicle sticks for windows all attached here and there. I think our storage houses would make a great couple! Maybe they would have storage cuboard babies for our paints!
  3. jandjhartley

    Attic 3.jpg

    Have you thought about putting fireplaces into those corners? I think it would look awsome - a nice rounded fire!
  4. jandjhartley

    stair well

    We NEED you to do a "how to" on the wall plaster. It looks so neet and has so many different applications! I really wish I'd see it / learned it before doing the boat house. It would have been awsome to have that on a couple of the walls! Such a fantastic finish and executed so artfully!
  5. did you do all the siding with piped drywall mud too? It looks incredible! PLEASE post a "how to" for this technique! I want to try but I'm afraid!
  6. The water effects is a super easy product to use! No mixing required. It's usually found in train stores and that type of place. A couple of tricks though (maybe I should put them under the how to section of the forrums) - when you use the pourable product, first (obviously) make sure you have a solid lip all the way around the area you're pouring into. Also, better by far to pour in several thin layers than one thick one (the foamcore board I used for my parent's 144 scale cottage warped as it dried and shrank!) Make sure you decorate the bottom surface well first, because it shows throu
  7. so amazing! reminds me a little of robinson curoso or other tree structures! Cool!
  8. jandjhartley


    Fantastic! I love the roof effect! And your aging technique!!!! I wanted to age mine but I just didn't know how and was afraid to mess it up! I learned how to use paperclay for rocks and I'm with you - LOVE it - I think I'll need to take out shares in the company! Awsome barn, actually you should call it the art barn because it's a work of art!
  9. Thanks! The colors were easy to come by...My little guy wanted to imitate the lighthouse by Grandma and Grandpa's cottage. It is called Red Rock Lighthouse also, so we did the colors just like it! I got a lot of the details out of a dollhouse magazine that I bought at least 3 years ago! Tons of fun little projects and how tos in it!!!
  10. jandjhartley

    My First Spring Fling!

    Red Rock Bait and Tackle - It's a boathouse and store to go with my son's lighthouse. He loves miniatures almost as much as I do! He plays with them with his G. I. Joes and he's been complaining since Christmas that they need a boat and docks to go fishing! You'll be able to read the full story with my entry!
  11. Thank you all SO MUCH! You have no idea what your comments mean! I was just able to get it in under the deadline. What is the HMS competition? I've seen it mentioned but I have no idea how to access it.
  12. Your fling entry is so incredibly lovely! You've struck the perfect balance between simplicity and detail! I just want to live there! Great work! Congratulaitons!
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