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  1. Minibev

    corner cabinet

    i love all your little details..
  2. Minibev


    i just love all your distressed furniture, im really into all this kind of furniture anyway but your whole house is superb, and a great source of inspiration .
  3. Minibev

    a house for my dollies

    i built this little house in preperation for my pukipuki ante due to arrive any day soon
  4. Minibev

    new arrival

    i traded 2 of my small doll houses for the 2 girls in this photo which was good as i couldnt afford to buy them....but the little one was a present...they arent cheap and you have to order them months in advance from the company , plus they eyes, wigs etc have to be baught seperately..
  5. she is an asian ball jointed doll, this one is a pukifee luna from a company called fairyland, she is only 15 cm, they make tinier ones than this also which are super cute.
  6. Minibev

    another new house

    new house but no pics of the outside yet
  7. Minibev


    it saves turning the house around all the time..
  8. spooky ! and so realistic !
  9. really cute,i live the tiny elf also ,,i have a pukipuki anti arriving soon, also a christmas present they are adorable
  10. looks really pretty, you wouldnt think it was a miniature..
  11. i agree with everyone..this house is fantastic, i love all your details and distressing..
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