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  1. This is so sweet. The details are wonderful.
  2. Selling my ponderosa in the SF Bay area on Craiglist: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/tag/4181721079.html Special deal to greenleafers or friends of greenleafers!
  3. Inspired by Where Women Create Magazine particularly the article on Nancy Hamming Anderson's Pink Cottage in the May/June/July 2013 issue. I loved the cupola on the roof. I was able to try a few new to me techniques including crochet and making wicker furniture.
  4. This shot is wonderful. Should be in a picture book.
  5. This house is just wonderful. I could look at the pictures for ages! Well Done!
  6. heathermac

    Front Entry

    Lovely house and lovely pictures!
  7. heathermac


    This is well done and so clever!
  8. heathermac


    I just love this house!
  9. heathermac

    Spring Fling 2012

    Snow's Getaway. An old Apple Farm Office Building. Snow White's Getaway. Inspired by Mary Margaret/Snow White's home on the ABC series "Once Upon a Time" and the wonderful painting's of Snow White's home from Janet Hill (http://janethillstudio.com/?s=snow+white). I wanted to do something pretty and girly after working on the 1930's glam townhouse!
  10. heathermac

    Secret passageway

    I hadn't see your "roombox" before. It is just stunning. Simply beautiful. I'll have to watch the movie again. I haven't seen it since I was a teenager.
  11. I'm using fishscale ones from my Arthur I built a few years ago. My biggest question is whether the ones in the store are as thin as the ones from the kits. I've cut a few square ones into fishscale but I still need more. Thanks for your help
  12. Are the shingles in the Greenleaf store the same shingles that come with the kits? I'm using up some old shingles on a project and need to get some more. Thanks so much!
  13. This is great! Simple, pretty and thoughtful!
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