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  1. LizB

    MY Beacon Hill

    Beacon Hill dollhouse
  2. Here is a Christmas picture of my Beacon Hill. I love the idea of a New Orleans Beacon Hill - maybe with wrought iron around the windows? Merry Christmas to all!!! -LizB
  3. LizB


    Thanks for sharing these great photos of beautiful houses! Were they all for sale? They all look very expensive, but worth it probably. (I wish I had my own museum of dollhouses like these!) -LizB
  4. I made mine in dark purple and teal, after researching old Victorian houses and the colors they used back then. There are a number of books about it. You can see my Beacon Hill in Gallery > Member's Gallery > MY Beacon Hill > Front I don't know if that will work but it's in the member's gallery pictures under LizB. Good luck! I attached it to this message, kind of a dark picture though. -LizB
  5. LizB

    Beacon Hill

    Oh, I like how you extended this! I was thinking of adding a conservatory also, but I was thinking of using a kit from House works I think it is. Nice paint job too! -LizB
  6. I think you have to cut off the plugs and pull back the plastic and brad it into the tape wire or with those plug-in attachments for chandeliers. But if you call the folks at Cir Kit Lighting, they are very helpful and friendly; at least any time I called them with questions. -LizB
  7. Has anyone added a back wall with hinges, and windows cut out, to the Beacon Hill? My daughter suggested doing that and I am in favor because it would give it a more "early dollhouse" look to it. And maybe keep down some of the dust entering! I have already finished the Beacon Hill (yeah!!!) Thanks for the help! -LizB
  8. I agree with all of you about building the Beacon Hill, especially with work and the kids, etc... But it is so worth it when it's finished! And how much you learn putting it together! I learned about woodworking skills (I am much more appreciative of miniature furniture makers now!) and electrician skills. All those tiny brads putting in the tape wire! And how I thought I could short cut the priming and just stick wallpaper to the walls. (I covered all the bubbles with pictures.) It took me 2.5 years and I am still working on it! Mainly just decorating now, and making furniture for it.
  9. Thank you for all your nice replies! It is great to be vindicated in one's color choices. (My uncle thinks it looks like the house Norman Bate's mother lived in!) I will post more pictures as I finish more furniture. Thanks! -Liz
  10. Great job so far! With a baby too! I just finished my dollhouse (for my daughter and me). I bought a lot of things from the local dollhouse store (flooring, etc..) but if you don't have one near - www.miniatures.com is a good source, they have lot's of sales. And you can make a lot yourself especially if you are "crafty". I also got a lot of furniture kits (House of Miniatures) off of ebay. And like others have said - I made the curtains myself from old material using a "Pretty Pleater" by Anne (shoot, I forgot her last name). But you can get that off of the internet too. If you are wi
  11. Actually, the green stripe fabric is Brodnax's, silk. The upstairs bedroom curtains I made by tracing the Brodnax wallpaper print with fabric markers on thin nylon/polyester material. The living room curtains, which I am working on now so no pictures yet; are made of an old toddler dress of brocade silk. The stained glass looking French doors are on transparencies from a pattern on Jim's Printables and another stained glass picture for the front doors from a book - "Victorian Houses", can't remember the author right off. Thanks for all the comments! -Liz
  12. Here are some more photos, sorry they leave a lot to be desired. But it gives you more of a general idea. I used wallpaper from Brodnax, made the curtains. Thank you to everyone for their very nice comments! -Liz B.
  13. I have built the Beacon Hill (see my pictures on this post) and I am really glad I picked this one. But having said that - it is very difficult and not for the faint of heart! One of the books I bought said it was one of the most difficult kits to make. The staircase is very hard to fit in. I really did not know anything when I started but I learned an awful lot. I wired the whole house. I put the wallpaper in while putting it together and I wish I had primed the walls like everyone said to do. The wallpaper would not have so many bubbles. I painted the siding before I put it on, same
  14. My first dollhouse. Let me know what you think! I will upload more interior shots later. (When it's a sunny day in Seattle!)
  15. LizB


    Nice job! Much better than I did. But I covered up my mistakes as I was working with flooring and wallpaper and ceilings. How are you going to decorate it? -Liz
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