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  1. Petworth Miniatures specializes in 1:48 but can make many things 1:24 by request. She made some of her Mission Arts & Crafts kits for me in 1:24 and they are fantastic. She is in Canada but her prices are in US dollars. Her 1:48 Hungerford Manor is on my dream wish list for when I win the lottery. http://www.petworthminiatures.com/Kit%20List%20catalogue.pdf
  2. biomom

    Morning light.jpeg

    Your work is amazing!
  3. biomom

    Morning light.jpeg

    Your work is amazing!
  4. Wow! Gorgeous. I thought it was a real living room!
  5. I noticed it too! Gorgeous! And the movie was fantastic!
  6. Those would make beautiful lamps...as long as they aren't too expensive, see if you can drill a small hole for wires in the bottom (assuming you want them to light up). Not sure what type of drill would work for ceramics. I'd be worried that a Dremel would break it. You might also be able to just glue/hide the wire against the back of the vases instead of drilling holes. If you want to paint/decorate, I would use enamel paints for longevity. Very fine colored lace glued on or sticker/decals can also be a pretty look. True2Scale has some pretty decals that might work well: https://www.true2scale.com/decals/
  7. Holly, they were from MiniEtchers as well. I love her Eastlake collection. There were both 1:24 arm chair and side chairs: https://www.minietchers.com/store/p94/Eastlake_Dining_Arm_Chair.html Cynthia, if you want 3D printed lamp shades/harps to go with your vases, I am pretty sure that Shellie at Minietchers can custom print you some. My lamps from her have both round and square shade styles. Just email her from her website.
  8. I did this but used kits from MiniEtchers. A half-scale example is below (more in my Gallery). Depending on what your mini vases are made of, you could make a hole in the bottom to thread through LED lights like mine. Mine are then plugged into a coin battery (hidden) with a little switch. The LED lights/switches/battery all come from Evan Designs.
  9. Probably the real-life inspiration for Versailles: Vaux-le-Vicomte using Lawbre French Country dollhouse (dare I say it) bashed into it:
  10. Don’t hate me for throwing another in the mix...but if you want three stories: There are some cool (but pricier) options here: www.petworthminiatures.com
  11. For the office, it is attached under the desk (the desk itself was sealed up long ago). For the dining room, there is a small rectangle of wood glued behind the little Eastlake side table...that is where the battery is. For the spare room (in my gallery), it is in the hutch. For the small bedroom (in my gallery), it is behind the vanity. I needed to make the tiny switch and battery holder accessible but hidden. I have the rest of the house wired with ambient LED lighting that is hardwired through the house as I built it. But these lights were a later addition after the house was complete.
  12. Handmade lights installed! 1:24 lights are hard to come by and with limited selection so I highly recommend trying this out. It was also super economical to use 3D printed lamp bases and LED lights. There are also now super small batteries so you can hide them easier (I challenge you to find where I hid mine!). Here are a couple of installations - see my 1:24 Victorian Townhouse gallery for more.
  13. biomom

    1:24 Victorian Townhouse

    Half scale Laser Dollhouse Designs "Lisa"
  14. I bought this Northeastern Scale Models 1:144 Beacon Hill kit when they were closing shop a few years ago. I didn't realize what a deal I got. I always wanted to build my very own Beacon Hill and knew this was probably as close as I would get! If I had known that these kits were so good (everything was made of wood - all different thicknesses and types - such good quality), I would have bought more.
  15. biomom

    Little Projects

  16. From the album: Little Projects

    I couldn't resist tricking out the inside...1:48 wallpaper surprisingly works!
  17. From the album: Little Projects

    I always wanted to build my very own Beacon Hill and this is probably as close as I'll get! LOL. This was an incredible kit by the (now sadly) defunct Northeastern Scale Models. If I had known that these kits were so good (everything was made of wood - all different thicknesses and types), I would have bought more!
  18. Yes - Shellie from MiniEtchers. I think if you email her she can put 1:24 together. If I remember correctly, I got them in an online mini show that she was doing. It is also possible to order just the 3D printed lamp and shade if you have LED lights. I have a bunch of LED supplies from Evan Designs that I forgot I had already. I used them for ambient lighting on the Lisa since is gets pretty dark inside. Anyone else have any cool half scale projects going on?
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