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  1. Hi Anna! So nice to see you here I like to swap but February is too soon for me right now.
  2. Thanks Sherry. When I read your words I had to look around my house where I'm sitting.............. hehe, well, I have nice furnitures but not THAT nice. My kitchen...I love my kitchen ........it's new! The whole kitchen. Right before xmas it was finished. I love miniatures and making them, I also like to look at others pictures to get inspiration, there's so much lovely miniatures to see, and I try to make the most by myself, today I've made oranges.
  3. Thanks again. That was a very good idea to use a template before cutting the wallpaper in the right size. I will remember that. In the introduction on my website I describe how wonderful this hobby are, you can be a carpenter, dressmaker, designer etc.....But I'm actually not a designer, I just work with miniatures as a hobby
  4. Thanks Havanaholly. Yes, the pattern is from the book Miniature Embroidery for the Georgian Dolls' House by Pamela Warner. I love this carpet and it took long time to be finished. I have bought some of the dining furnitures from Norway and some from http://www.coco.cc/index.htm. I've made some furnitures too, example some furnitures in the livingroom, and the fireplaces etc.
  5. Thank you Well..... .....eeeh.. ....hmmm.... :lol: .... . I know that I will do some renovation, example the bathroom, some wallpapering and flooring, and some outside. You have done a brilliant job with yours and I can understand how big job that was. How could you reach the wall behind the stairs etc.....? It's very nice to get inspiration from each other.
  6. Thanks Linda! Yes, I did all the tablecloths myself, I like crocheting, knitting etc. Linda http://home.o4u.no/lchrmini/index.htm
  7. Thanks Deb. The house that's in the box you can see it on my website under "Linda's bakeri". I want to make a bakery in there, norwegian country style. I need som more space before I can start with it..........or I can just take some place somewhere Linda http://home.o4u.no/lchrmini/
  8. Hi! I've found this forum trough SmallStuff and wanted to join, so here I am. My name is Linda and I'm from Norway. I have built 3 dollhouses and have one in it's box, one of them are a Greenleaf (Beacon Hill). For me there's one negative and one positive about those houses, the positive is that those dollhouses are the most beautiful houses you can buy but the negative is the building prosess. I had so much problems with building my Beacon Hill for some years from cutting my finger to broken parts and wanted several times to use the hammer on it I used 3 months on building it an
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