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    I like to do just about anything crafty! I build dollhouses, but I also knit, crochet, sew, quilt, draw, and scrapbook. I also like to read, play softball, and spend time with my family.

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  1. I recently saw a YouTube video of someone making window grids for dollhouse windows using nail tape. It worked very well, and she had a site where you could download different patterns to use for the windows. All she did was taped the printed grids onto a table, laid the plastic over the top, taped that down, and used the nail tape to tape over the lines. I’ve tried doing lines with a paint pen...it didn’t work out very well. Here is the link to the video:https://youtu.be/x6vb0w43zRo. Good Luck!
  2. Hello Everyone! I recently acquired not 1, but 2, Magnolia Dollhouse kits from Corona Concepts. My parents found the boxes tucked in the back of a closet when they moved into a new apartment. When they pulled the boxes out and realized what they were, I got really excited, because I love building dollhouses, and the Magnolia was one that I always toyed with buying. It was like Christmas in July! However, it looks like I’m missing pieces, that I will either need to build myself or reorder. I already know that I’m missing 24 of the 32 window sashes that I need. Let the building challenge begin!
  3. Neat idea! I have seen a lot of Harry Potter inspired houses, but I haven't seen anyone create Sirius' house yet. I have this exact same house and I didn't even think of turning it into Sirius's house.
  4. I'm just curious...did you ever finish the SF-550? I've been working on one off and on for the past 2 years, but it's not even close to being done. I'd like to see pictures of it, if you did!
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