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  1. Ok- this kit goes to ebay on Thursday- so anyone want to take it off my hands for a low cost and actual shipping- please email me! Email addy is on my profile. The only things missing are the door hardware (4 gold balls with pins) and the brackets for under the eaves- I have 6 included and 11 of a different type (that was all I had left from 3 kits! People must lose those easily). I even bought a new set of instructions to go with it. All sheets, all trim, all siding pieces are all there. The window sheet is in really good shape too! Kathy
  2. I replaced the windows in a rehab of my Emerson Row that was missing windows. I used thin plexiglass sheets I got at Home Depot for about $1 each. I scored the window with a knife, then snapped the plexiglass- it worked perfectly. Then I sanded the edge of the plex to fit. To get the curve was a bit tricky- cut a rectangle around it first, snap out the window, then work on the curve with a small pliers to grasp the edge of the plex. I cut triangles first tangent to the curved edge to make it easier to snap off pieces without getting into the window curve. Then I used black trim-line tape (I found some at Hobby Lobby in the drafting area) 1/16" thick to make the mullions. I was time consuming but those windows sure looked great. Can't remember but I think i might have some pics on my gallery somewhere. Kathy
  3. One of our local stores did that last year also. They had a deal if you bought 50, they would give them to you for $1 each. Needless to say I have enough paint for a lifetime of dollhouses. Kathy
  4. I have a complete, although part of it has been glued in a poor attempt to build (not by me!) kit for the Cambridge that needs to find a new home. I have put my email address in my profile so it should be easy to email me now. I also have trim pieces, and MANY extra sheets from the other kit I used to complete, so, if you are missing railings, stairs, punched trim, etc. email me and I can find it for you. I think I have a duplicate of all the sheets except the main floors (sheets 1,2,3,and 4) Kathy
  5. Hi everyone- I did put my email address into my profile and apparently that worked as Greg sent me an email yesterday:) And just to update- I did indeed get much lower for the Beaumont than I had hoped on EBay. The Granville went for excatly the same price I paid for it a couple of years ago so I guess that one worked out fine. Kathy
  6. The personal messages are not working so I cant look up to see who it was that needed replacement parts for the Cambridge. I am FINALLY getting around to sorting out the two kits I have into one complete one. (The first one I got was missing all the siding and most of the floors) BUT- here is the kicker- I cant find my directions anywhere! I know I had them out to peruse- but I have misplaced them and turned my house inside out looking. Of course I cant go through the kit without them. Does anyone have a set they could email me? I did actually add my email address to my profile under the AIM tab so hopefully members can see it. Thanks!! Kathy Brae- I know you wanted some of the trim- most of what is in the other kit doesn't have much color difference between the splices.
  7. Sorry Holly- I couldn't figure out how to put it into the profile- under what heading or spot can it go?
  8. I also have a Cambridge kit for sale- now apparently this had been started and the floors were glued to walls at some point- but I haven't looked inside the box for so long I am not sure what is up with it- need to go and get serious about checking. I WILL make sure the kit is complete as I have two of them and I can take from one to complete the other. (The first one I got was missing the floors and all the siding) I also have siding to match so I can include a couple of pieces if there is siding missing. Better than new! (Since we all know how notorious Dura-Craft was for leaving stuff out of their kits.
  9. Hey ladies- Sorry I was away from the computer for a while and the internet was slow at my office today. You know from past experience I would say that you would probably do better bidding for it on EBay- I am not expecting to get what I really wanted from either kit. I am betting I get about 2/3 of what I would sell them outright for. I guess I need to add my email address on my profile:) Kathy
  10. Hi everyone! Just not a lot of time to get to all my kits- I have chosen 3 or 4 to keep and the rest must go. I have an Artply Granville and a Greenleaf Beaumont I have gone ahead and put on EBay- started both at 99 cents! http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 Thanks for looking! Kathy
  11. Sydneystyle

    IMG 3551

    Thank you both so much- it was not my eye orignally- we have to credit Mr. Morris for that! This particular print did not appear on fabric originally- it was a tile print. I just adapted it. I love it too- I am thinking next should be bedclothes- this print just seems so feminine.
  12. Sydneystyle

    IMG 3552

    Thanks! I spent HOURS on the computer with the design making sure I could repeat it properly. (I also made a rug pattern to match) then I printed it on cotton from my little printer to begin with-then Brae told me about Spoonflower. It is NOT cheap- so I also offer it on Etsy. It has taken a few tries to get the scale correct- but it is finally right. Now I have rugs, and chair cushions etc. i also made up other Morris fabric- that is on Etsy too.
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