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  1. Sydneystyle

    IMG 3551

    Thank you both so much- it was not my eye orignally- we have to credit Mr. Morris for that! This particular print did not appear on fabric originally- it was a tile print. I just adapted it. I love it too- I am thinking next should be bedclothes- this print just seems so feminine.
  2. Sydneystyle

    IMG 3552

    Thanks! I spent HOURS on the computer with the design making sure I could repeat it properly. (I also made a rug pattern to match) then I printed it on cotton from my little printer to begin with-then Brae told me about Spoonflower. It is NOT cheap- so I also offer it on Etsy. It has taken a few tries to get the scale correct- but it is finally right. Now I have rugs, and chair cushions etc. i also made up other Morris fabric- that is on Etsy too.
  3. Sydneystyle

    IMG 3550

    Aww- you are so sweet! I have enough fabric of this one that you could do bedclothes- cutains- whatever. It is pricey to print though.
  4. Sydneystyle

    IMG 3549

    Thank you! I do sell the fabric on Etsy (same name too) but I haven't got chairs to sell yet. This one has some flaws so it will stay with me:)
  5. Sydneystyle

    IMG 0001

    Nope not here. I guess I can do it tonight. But I have this pattern done up in a rug canvas and I am working on it- 22 ct I think - it is looking nice, but I am not very far along. Kathy
  6. Sydneystyle

    IMG 0001

    I have a cushion I did with the same pattern in 32 ct gauze- Hmm- might even have it with me- I will photo it and put it up
  7. VERY pretty- what size is the mesh? I take it you are working from a chart? Kathy
  8. Thank you! I need to get a magnafier before I can stitch it!
  9. I have this listed on both Etsy and EBay and I have fabric panels to match on Etsy. Still need to print the chair cushions on the silk gauze and get tehm on there. THEN to get some fo them completed! LOL!!
  10. OH I just had an IDEA- if someone has a room that they have wallpapered already and wants a rug to match I could offer that too! WOOHOO! Fun Fun Fun! I really good digital photo of the wallpaper is all that is necessary. Hmm- the wheels are turning.
  11. Thank you- having Photoshop Pro really helps! I don't think I could have done what I did to those designs without being able to manipulate the layers and so forth. I guess the ol' architecture and Autocad background is coming in handy-LOL!
  12. I have to make a trip to Cheyenne to get that next week. There is not one shop in Fort Collins that carries needlepoint supplies! I have to go to Estes Park or Cheyenne or Denver, and Cheyenne is closest. At least I am pretty sure Hobby Lobby doesn't have it. JoAnns is a bust too.
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