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  1. Your house is so lovely, hope mine comes out this pretty! The stained glass windows are awesome too!
  2. I just adore your modifications of this house! This is absolutely awesome, the dumbwaiter and all. The detail is incredible! I had thought about doing the same thing with the tower room, only yours is beyond what I had even thought of doing! I am copying an old house in kansas that we didn't get (were in escrow and everything) and the owners sold it to someone who made a better offer and dropped our escrow. Which is actually illegal. Not that I'm bitter, haha. So anyway, this is my "house that got away" I am working on. Mind if I copy your dumbwaiter idea! That is soooo original and awesome! I
  3. This bed is sooo awesome! So real looking! If I didn't know where I was looking at it I would think it was a real bedroom for sure! Inspiring work!
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