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  1. thanks! those are vintage frosted glass bats..
  2. i haven't posted here in quite a while, thought i'd share my latest house i've called raven's rest ~ http://brensgumbyland.com/ravens%20rest.html i'd like to live here in my retirement.. lol p.s. i guess i've been away so long my old posts disappeared? so i'll repost a link here to one of my other houses called lilac house ~ http://brensgumbyland.com/lilachouse.htm (turn up your speakers..)
  3. update ~ for the last year i've been maintaining a vintage toy blog called lost & found if anyone's interested in visiting ~ http://friendlyghost.typepad.com/lost_found_vintage_toys/
  4. oh noes! good thoughts to cali that she heals up quickly.. i'm beside myself when my kitties are not well.. i've been through 2 bee/wasp stings to paws & one paw swollen from my son closing the door on it.. i also worry often about one of our heavy/firedoors to the garage.. & those pinch places by the hinges! (i have 7 indoor kitties all 9 & 10 yrs old + outdoor feral kitties i care for as well..) don't feel too bad.. i'm sure cali will get lots of extra love & affection that will more than make up for that tiny bit of tail.. mh
  5. i have a vintage giant 'play inside' cardboard dollhouse i bought about 25 years ago.. my kitties love it now.. hehe i posted pix up in my album if anyone's interested.. mh
  6. mad hatter

    kitchen ~

    From the album: mad minis ~

  7. mad hatter

    front ~

    From the album: mad minis ~

  8. ..not a dollhouse, but thought other mini-enthusiasts might approve? my halloween display ~ spookytown mh
  9. they were expensive.. & actually the parts were not very well made, i remember calling to get parts replaced that were not working or falling apart.. but i ended up with pieces to spare.. i still have them all set up.. but they came & went before i could get the horse & stables.. mh
  10. just wondering if anyone else still has any of these? lil's diner.. girl's bedroom with kitty.. (sold through American Girl) mh
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