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    vampires, art, poetry, writing, trees, old cemeteries, classic movies, lewis carroll, poe, vintage collectibles, halloween..

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  1. thanks! those are vintage frosted glass bats..
  2. i haven't posted here in quite a while, thought i'd share my latest house i've called raven's rest ~ http://brensgumbyland.com/ravens%20rest.html i'd like to live here in my retirement.. lol p.s. i guess i've been away so long my old posts disappeared? so i'll repost a link here to one of my other houses called lilac house ~ http://brensgumbyland.com/lilachouse.htm (turn up your speakers..)
  3. update ~ for the last year i've been maintaining a vintage toy blog called lost & found if anyone's interested in visiting ~ http://friendlyghost.typepad.com/lost_found_vintage_toys/
  4. oh noes! good thoughts to cali that she heals up quickly.. i'm beside myself when my kitties are not well.. i've been through 2 bee/wasp stings to paws & one paw swollen from my son closing the door on it.. i also worry often about one of our heavy/firedoors to the garage.. & those pinch places by the hinges! (i have 7 indoor kitties all 9 & 10 yrs old + outdoor feral kitties i care for as well..) don't feel too bad.. i'm sure cali will get lots of extra love & affection that will more than make up for that tiny bit of tail.. mh
  5. i have a vintage giant 'play inside' cardboard dollhouse i bought about 25 years ago.. my kitties love it now.. hehe i posted pix up in my album if anyone's interested.. mh
  6. ..not a dollhouse, but thought other mini-enthusiasts might approve? my halloween display ~ spookytown mh
  7. they were expensive.. & actually the parts were not very well made, i remember calling to get parts replaced that were not working or falling apart.. but i ended up with pieces to spare.. i still have them all set up.. but they came & went before i could get the horse & stables.. mh
  8. just wondering if anyone else still has any of these? lil's diner.. girl's bedroom with kitty.. (sold through American Girl) mh
  9. thanks shelly, it's ok.. i just think of it as 'my yellow house' until i find out different.. haha good luck with your beacon.. i remember all the floors/wallpaper corners as being the trickiest parts! mh
  10. maybe someone here will be able to identify which house this is from the front view? mh (newb)
  11. you know, i don't even know.. i'll get a shot of the front side of it, surely someone here will know? i'm new to dollhouses/minis.. came by it by way of being a vintage toy collector.. i can't resist trying to rescue old neglected toys.. hehe~ mh
  12. i found this house at a yardsale in bad shape, (it obviously had a mousie nest in the livingroom! ) after a lot of work painting & repairing & putting in flooring & such, it is looking much nicer.. (note 'calico critters' dollhouse in box too, lol) my kitty, snug, approves anyway.. so far i've only begun stocking the bare kitchen.. (trick or treat bag full of goodies, old fashioned wooden barrel ice-cream maker, birthday cake, campbells soup & pots & pans..) mh
  13. wow, thanks for all the responses.. nice way to start out a monday.. my husband & i built/decorated lilac house together, we've made everything from toychests to birdhouses this way over the years.. i collected the 'trees' from fallen branches in pioneer cemeteries myself, as well as the tiny pinecone.. i'd been wanting to do a sort of abandoned vampire house, also i'm someone who takes photos of old cemeteries, so i had to have a cemetery.. so glad others enjoyed it.. my cemeteria album for anyone interested: cemeteria mh
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