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  1. Hello Everyone, Thanks for being so nice. I was just kiddding about the Beacon Hill being a small project. I was a little scared when I opened it seeing all the pieces, but I jumped right in and it seems to be going well. I do not have any pictures of the house my father bulit for me, it is in pieces and I have put it away for the time being. Maybe one day I will get brave and finish what he started. Lindsey
  2. Hello Everyone, I am pretty new at the whole mini world. When I was younger my father made me a doll house and that is kinda how I got started. I finally found it and was going to start on it and realized that he didn't make it any one scale. It also was in pretty bad shape to say the least. So I decided to buy my self a new one and start fresh. I just recieved the Beacon Hill house (I'm starting small), I can't wait to begin on it, I am kinda anal about detail so this will be a long project. I live in Michigan :lol: , I work full time, go to school full time and spend time with my hus
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