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  1. I was having the same feelings today going through my grandparents things There is so much stuff packrat is an understatement here and i found myself wishing that we all had places for their treasures i saved a bunch of things and may still try to save more but i just dont have the space to keep it all. The one thing that i am happy to have saved despite not knowing what i will do with them is a combined collection of both my grandmother's and great grandmothers collection of souviner spoons. There are hundreds of them from places all over the world and my dad was going to take them to the scr
  2. I thought so too i cant pass up little pieces of wooden things that i can turn into stuff
  3. I found a box full of little wooden items in amongst my grandparents things. They have both passed away years ago but it is only now that my family has bothered to go throough everything. I grabbed the box thinking it may be useful in making dollhouse items i just dont know what kinds of things i might be able to make out of them. Some look like they might make good pies or cakes but other ideas are welcome too
  4. if not blue and tan squares painted on the floor i bet a tan throw pillow with blue embroidery on them would look nice
  5. i am glad its going better for you
  6. Here is a picture of the house with a trial coat of black paint. I am going to try getting some textured rl house wallpaper to paint in hopes it will simulate stucco
  7. thanks for the suggestions i did not think about the stairs they are not glued in yet and i dont think i will if i use those ones. I am still undecided about the stairs. When i got the kit it was really cheap and had been partially built the foundation was built as were the stairs. The stairs were done horribly very uneven and glued in like that. I am not sure how easy it will be to take it apart and redo it without breaking the small stair pieces. I have been considering trying to find a smaller staircase for her to use something that wont take up a lot of room like maybe a spiral staircase
  8. I posted the other day about my daughter trying to steal my garfield so i am thinking that maybe it is better to just get her pierce done for her so that she will be able to play with that then i can have my garfield back. I was missing a few pieces but made them myself out of a sheet of 1/8 inch plywood i had. I traced them out and cut them with my dremel tool it worked out really well too! so aside from the roof and trim the house is built and needs to be decorated. I had really wanted to electrify it but i really dont think doing that for her now is a good idea lights can be fragile a
  9. I dont think the houses ever go together perfectly but something i found that has been helping on my garfield is to file down pieces to help them fit better. I have widened the slots and used a lot of tape to hold it together while glueing it. The thing is any imperfections can be hidden with wood filler later if it turns out to not be just how you want it. It will probably pop a bit until it is glued just cause of the size of the house but then i am not an expert and there is probably a lot more people here who can give better advice honestly though i had the same issues with my garfield till
  10. I actually do have a pierce i have started building for her but its not ready yet She is very particular about her minis she spends hours arranging them just right and if i dare touch them she gets mad and she cries and throws a typically little girl tantrum so i know that sharing a house will not go over well. I just have to get her to understand that. I am not ready to give up my house yet and hopefully i can persuade her away from it
  11. wow what a job! I am thinking i might do the same to my pierce house. Although it is really only a shell at the moment so its not that bad i cant imagine taking apart a finished garfield and redoing it. I am glad to hear it is going together better for you now though
  12. we dont have a hobby lobby here In fcat the only way to get a greenleaf house here is to order online. Although that being said there is a local dollhouse store here that has a princess anne sort of house that is very sturdy it is 1/12 scale but built with 1/2 inch thick walls and floors its about the same price as a garfield but not nearly as big I think that one will be very easy to build could probably have it built in one day and not much longer to decorate it I may pick that up for her birthday coming up in november and just donate the orchid i built to the childrens hospital or somethin
  13. My daughter and i went to our first ever dollhouse show she got very spoiled and not just by me. Lots of people loved having her there and she collected a lot of gifts, unwanted grab bag items, She won a door prize and got given a couple prizes others won and did not really want. The result? We came home with tons of stuff and she has now decided that there is too much stuff to fit into her orchid. She played with the orchid for a bit arranging things But then i caught her playing with MY house my garfield and as i started to write this topic knowing it was coming she came to me and sai
  14. I think we should trade animals all mine are too thin. My dog especially he is dangerously underweight to the point i keep expecting to wake up and find that he has passed away frm being so thin. Theer is nothing wrong with him i think its just he is such a high energy dog that he burns off all that he eats. I even have been feeding high fat home made treats and thats not working well either
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