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  1. Should be accurate within a few mm as I didn't necessarily take into account the thickness of the walls. Should be useful for planning wiring or decorating. Garfield floor plan.pdf
  2. martincheck


    Garfield 2018
  3. I started the Garfield about 8 years ago and then we had a baby and I just picked it back up again in February. I've finished the foundation and the main staircases and all the little pieces like the fireplaces, stairs, chimney, etc. Dry-fitting before gluing is extremely important as the machine cuts are a little off sometimes. Having some blocks or something that has accurate 90 degree angles is helpful. I've been using leftover 4x4 travertine floor tiles. I keep a Dremel handy with a 180 grit sandpaper attachment in case something needs a little more intense sanding. Also planning how
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