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  1. They are keystones. They are used on the oval window trim step C 5.
  2. the Miniature Showcase and Miniature gazette magazines still need a new home.
  3. I was recently given a small (6 inch) stack of magazines. I do not want to keep them and they are slated for recycling if no one wants them: Miniature collector 1993-fall 1986-summer 1989-winter Miniature gazette 1999- fall, spring, summer 1990-spring, winter 1991-winter 1992-summer, winter 1993-winter, summer 1994-fall, winter, sp
  4. ijb


    A craigslist find. Gave it to my sister for her granddaughter (currently age 2) in a few years. I need to switch computers to add more pictures - will do it eventually!
  5. It is now in the "hands" of the US post office. They say you should get it Tuesday.
  6. Hi Jerry How much of the stencil do you need? I didn't use mine. Send a PM with your home address and I will put it in the mail. Iris
  7. I am another one who could not connect this morning.
  8. I didn't make one - the picture is from the book :thumb:
  9. "The International Dolls House Book" by S.F. King (my copy was published in 1977) has complete instructions for making a gypsy wagon. Everything is from scratch - from the wheels to a few pieces of furniture.
  10. I finally scanned my Willow instructions and put them on my hard drive. If you still want them (schematics are on pages 2 and 3) send me a PM so I can get your e-mail address to send them to you.
  11. Windows from Hobby Lobby fit surprisingly well in the Bellingham farm house - it took only a little bit of work on the opening with a dremmel to get them to slide in tightly.
  12. ijb


    1:24 scale laser cut
  13. ijb

    Puzzle house #2

    Dollhouse with Veranda - puzzle from Michaels
  14. ijb

    Puzzle house #1

    Fantasy Dollhouse - puzzle house from Michaels
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