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  1. Swimming Pool with real water, is a work in progress needs a few accesories and a landscaping,is build to match with a Morrocan House I will be posting more pictures soon.
  2. Beautiful House,the color is Great,good choice.
  3. diana40

    Angle view

    Wow, that dog looks so real.
  4. diana40

    Fareeda - left side

    She ia amazing,My favorite.
  5. I am fascinated with your Dolls Speacially the ones in your Spring Fling.
  6. diana40


    Did you sound proof your garage?
  7. diana40

    SF 1-1.jpg

    Love it,lots of the details and goodies.
  8. diana40

    Spring Fling 2010

    Proud to introduce "Diana's Dollhouse mini Shop" Featuring the Beautiful Spanish Mission Style.
  9. diana40

    Dreads in the making

    Wow,love your dolls, you are very talented.
  10. diana40

    Front, Jasmine

    Did you make this dolls? they are great and realistic,I am looking for this kind of dolls.
  11. diana40

    9 kitchen.jpg

    Love all the colors and textures of your master Piece,great job.
  12. Yes,the dolls are for HO.Thanks for looking.
  13. What is the color of that house? can't tell if is black or dark blue.Love it, I will take this house in consideration on my next project.
  14. Love the details and the shelf full of bottles.
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