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  1. Hi Dave :lol: I'm very new myself. My husband used to build RC airplanes and I built the RC helicopters. Lots of fun but VERY expensive hobby. Like a dollhouse isn't??? hehehe Welcome aboard! Valerie
  2. Thanks to all of you that have posted photos. I find them VERY helpful. And... I see there is another Valerie in here. Not many of us around. I have just finished the first staircase and I am taking pictures as I go. I'm not sure how to put photos on here but I'm sure someone will let me know :lol: I'm wondering about my flooring and walls. I am assuming that I put the flooring down as I go, and same with the walls. Is that correct? I am making my floors pine and my staircases will be colonial maple and so is a lot of my furniture I already have. I think the floors will brighten things up and staining the stairwell maple will add some color. I have been asked to do a demonstration on my crocheting techniques in bead, sequin and miniature by A.C. Moore here in Jacksonville. I think that will be a lot of fun!! I may start teaching there but it is a long drive for me. I love that store though. Sooooo many things to look at that it makes my head spin thinking of all the stuff I can make. I guess before I stain my staircase, I should cover up the tab marks and gaps with my wood filler. Oh yes, by the way, does anyone know where the "narrow" riser goes on this staircase? Maybe I haven't gotten to it yet but I certainly don't see a need for a narrower riser being put in unless it is at the very very top where it will go into the second floor. Talk to ya'll soon. Hugs!! Valerie
  3. So many responses and great suggestions. I'm glad I asked. I'm stuck on something already too I'll explain tomorrow and maybe someone could take me by the hand and lead me in the right direction. Thanks, Valerie
  4. When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him that all my life I have wanted to build a dollhouse. He asked me to pick one out so I did... The Garfield. I LOVE Victorian anything. I am not new to miniatures but I am new to building houses or furniture. For many years I have made items for dollhouses (a lot of them my own designs) by crochet, crewel, needlepoint, Japanese bunka, and various other materials. I collect old crochet books and have several books with miniature patterns. Now I finally have my very own dollhouse that I can decorate for ME! (It only took 52 years LOL) I'm very excited and began working on it January 1, 2005. I will be asking a lot of questions I'm sure. Here is my First one: I am unsure using a hot glue gun. Even though I use one for many, many things, I would not have thought to use one to join wood. Do they really work well? Seems like it would make too much of a gap between the wood pieces. I'm glad to have been informed by Greenleaf about this forum and I look forward to sharing tricks, tips, ideas and a whole lot of other things. Hugs! Valerie
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