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  1. SMarieCarlson

    Celeste again

    whoa.. looks like when Celeste gets home she may need a makeover..
  2. That is Phoebe. She was a stray, we brought her in when she was very very skinny. she had kittens, then we fixed her and now she is almost 14 lbs. She is a bundle of love!
  3. I thought i would make an album of the things that i have created for my miniatures some are for sale as well. If you would like me to make something you like. you can PM me.
  4. Yeah Phoebe (the cat) had a problem with this when i was adding triple thick to kitchen floor. i actually had to set up a mini baby gate in the kitchen door so she wouldn't do it. She got her pawprint right in the middle of the floor.
  5. Yes, just a little. I can already tell she is going to be the one causing problems.
  6. The first doll house I have ever built, that was not cardboard. I have a deadline for this. It is May 8. I need to have it ready for the craft show. So far so good. This is an album of the progress.
  7. Oh my goodness!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! You should do a tut!
  8. SMarieCarlson


    This is such an awesome way of making mason jars. I LOVE IT!!!!
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