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  1. Hi everyone I have to post pone the travelling doll 2012 due to my health. This past month I have taken a down fall, which required a blood transfusion. I am slowly getting better but I need to not have to worry about this. I have not made the doll yet. I do not know when the travel will take place or if it will. Sorry guys.
  2. Great just make sure you send me a PM with your email. So I can write it on the list for when I send out the "mass email" with directions, rules, and etc.
  3. yes a witchy baked good and confections is just what Melinda is looking for. (like candied cockroach cupcakes, Billy Goat Biscotti, or Melinda's favorite Chocolate Covered Termites.) anything like that. I am sorry you had such a devastation with Molly. I hope those types of things never happen again to anyone.
  4. Great to have you on board Linda. Traveling dolls are a blast. I sent one out a few years ago it was awesome.
  5. It is totally fine and I understand that it is a big risk to do a traveling doll. We did the one a few years ago and it was a blast. Luckily she returned home safely. Maybe it will just be a smaller traveling group this year. Thanks for the answers though, it leaves me not as curious of to why no one is interested.
  6. I'll have to think about it for a bit, In the mean time try to get closer to Gold.
  7. hardly anyone is interested this year?? Bummer. What is it the storyline, the doll, or other personal matters?
  8. I have to agree with KathieB. I think it looks great with just the black on top and then leave the dress unpainted. Don't forget the pearl necklace though.
  9. Hi everyone, Would there be anyone interested in hosting another travelling doll? Celeste (traveling doll 2010 I believe) is settled in and has decided not to travel anymore. One day an witchy woman came into her bakery and ordered 14 Lemon Meringue Tarts. They got to talking, and the witch shared her name(Melinda Pipkin) and wondered why the World of Minikin did not have any Magical Bakery Establishment. Celeste did not know the answer to this since she herself is a new resident. They ended up talking for a few hours as the tarts were made. Melinda decided to open a Magical Bakery a
  10. Welcome to the family Candice, one thing you will be quick to learn is how much this mini family cares for each of its members.
  11. Slowly but surely my window pieces are getting clearer. It is relatively thick. I think enough to be a scale window pane thickness.
  12. **Sigh** so close... yet so far away... Maybe one day I will get to a mini show.
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