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  1. DH contacted Greenleaf this morning and they said the missing pieces would be shipped within a couple of days. I spent a good chunk of my day looking into wall paper and lighting kits. Yep, I think I'm gonna get sucked in!
  2. Thanks for the welcome! We haven't chosen colors for sure yet. Her room is a bright candy apple green, so our color coordination will be carefully contemplated! Yes, we're hoping the house will become a treasured memory for all of us, but after opening the box and sorting the sheets last night and finding 6 missing and 1 not for our house (number 2 sheet of course, hope it doesn't slow up our building progress), I'm afraid there may be some "not so Hallmark" memories associated with building this gem! ;) I'll be taking lots of pictures. I've posted a question over on the ge
  3. Greetings everyone! My husband just received a Beacon Hill kit that he hopes to assemble for my daughter's use. She'll be just three next month, but is really into the character set playing thing now. I realize this is an elaborate house for assembly for a 3 year old, but at the rate we move, it may be five years before it's completely decorated. My question: Given the young age of our daughter and the expense of wiring kits and fixtures for a 9 room doll house, is it feasible to use one of the tape wiring kits to pre-wire a house, but not add the fixtures until she's old enou
  4. Pardon my fumbling as I learn the ins and outs of posting to this forum. I wasn't sure about the different prompts for Topic Title and Topic Description! My husband is very excited to have ordered a Beacon Hill kit to build for our daughter (soon to be 3 years old). I'm thinking it won't be ready for her birthday given all that I'm reading here. I'll be posting some questions in other forums, so look for me there. (And maybe my husband too as he begins construction.)
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