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  1. Well if she isn't the sweetest little thing!
  2. goodteach0


    My goodness he sure is a dapper looking fellow. Wolfie does wonderful dolls.
  3. I totally understand. I still cry about my little dog Sweetie that I lost a few years ago. She had congestive heart failure. She was my special doggie just as your little Carly was to you. Hugs
  4. Perla looks adorable in her Snuggy. Maybe I will try one for my chi too.
  5. goodteach0

    008 [50%].JPG

    Ypu did a great job. Just beautiful!
  6. Sweet,sweet looking doggies
  7. goodteach0


    Beautiful creature!
  8. goodteach0


    Awww he is so cute!
  9. I just got my Kindle 2 yesterday and am in love with it! This morning while still in bed I downloaded the New York Times and the Washington Post. You get a free 2 week trial on newspapers, mags, and blogs. On most books they sent a sample chapter so you can decide if you want to purchase. The final clincher that caused me to purchase the Kindle was because it will read any text for you if you want it to. We have lots of power outages here so that feature will be put to good use.
  10. Lynette, You're looking great! Ihave a young cousin who has just had gastric bypass surgery and I have told her about you. Your story really keeps her spirits up.
  11. goodteach0

    Pretty Pink bed

    Very pretty! You really did a nice job.
  12. Your Gracie is beautiful. I also have a kitty named Graycie
  13. You got my vote! I was especially impressed with your shingles.
  14. Heidii, she is a beautiful girl with the sweetest looking facw, but what the heck are those things coming out of her mouth?
  15. He is a dirty,horrible,scumsucking *&#$. Who should go to jail for the rest of his no count life! While he is in jail he should be forced to work and the money made donated to animal rights causes. Now I better go meditate and take a blood pressure pill.
  16. Yes.I agree with you Rhonda. This scum should be banned from the acting community forever.
  17. Rhonda, I totally agree with you. All my furbabies are rescues too.
  18. Long,long ago The young Marlon Brando and Elvis. Now George Clooney- gorgeous with brains and a social conscious
  19. goodteach0

    5 Generations

    Lynette, You look wonderful!
  20. Lynette, It's the hormones plus all the other stuff going on at your job. Might help to journal how your feeling, try very hard to get your protein, take a leisurely walk . It's the lack of hormones mainly. Remember how somepeople feel just when they're having pms or going into menopause. Get those hormones as soon as possible. Remember, this will pass. Hangin there sweetheart. ps I can't imagine anybody not getting along with you! Must be something wrong with those peeps.
  21. Freya, Thanks for posting that. I did not know about this sweetner being toxic to dogs
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