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  1. Yes, grapes, chocolate,and onions
  2. goodteach0


    Lynette, I am so happy for you. You and your journey have been such an inspiration. tearfully, Judy
  3. I'm really happy it went well for you ,Lynette.
  4. goodteach0

    Eye candy

    Gina I like the catts too but I don't grow them now because of not enough light. I do grow phals and paphs though. Fortunately the phals are my favorites. After my phal flowers dry up, I cut off the spike just above a node and often gat a second spike of flowers that way. Sort of a bonus!
  5. goodteach0

    Eye candy

    Beautiful phal you have there! What kind of potting medium do you use?
  6. goodteach0


    LOL He sure looks relaxed. well fed too
  7. Good for you,Lynette! Don't forget those bandaids though. Please let us know how your day goes tomorrow.
  8. goodteach0


    Hurray, hurray for you Lynette! (standing ,clapping) Don't forget to wear your most arch supporting,comfortable shoes! Sounds like a nice place to work. Don't forget to take your proper foods and get plenty of sleep! I can't help help it Lynette I just feel very proud but protective of you.LOL
  9. Heidiii, I commend you and Fred for being so supportive of Chelsea. Although I am not a Buddhist, I have found part of the philosophy very helpful in calming my very intense,reactive personality. One of the books I really like is Buddhism without Beliefs- that was very helpful. Kudos to Chelsea also for taking such positive actions instead of just goofing around like so many teenagers do. As I said before, I love Chelsea!
  10. Great thing your doing with those kids, Agnes. I think a blog with the kids would be an excellent idea. Dean, you did good!
  11. Heidiii, That piece is adorable.
  12. goodteach0

    Baby in pink

    Oh man! Paulette, those babies are fabulous.
  13. Wallpaper-I have a ton of actual dollhouse wallpaper as well as scrapbook paper. White wire furniture runs a close second
  14. goodteach0


    Well Dear at least the ordeal is over. What you went through would be stressful to lots of people. I know it would be to me. You've had so many changes in a short time,positive ones,that of course it takes some adjustment . Try to destress tonight Sweet Lynette. The worst is over! Hugs
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    Lynette, I am so happy for you! It's wonderful the way you've turned your life around. Way to go beautiful lady!
  16. goodteach0

    Porch Swing

    very interesting about the original swing. I enjoyed reading that!
  17. Beckj,the Buttercup 16"x18"x!!", theMagnolia 33"Wx22"Hx17D,the Arthur18"Wx23"Hx13D,the Laurel25x25x17 and the Orchid (about the same size as the Arthur) are all easy to build. Any of these would be nice for a first time dollhouse builder Don't use hotglue!
  18. "Eat,Pray,Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert "The Nine" by Jeffrey Toobin "For the Love of Politics" by Sally Bedell Smith "Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein "Nonzero" by Robert Wright
  19. I went to their site earlier today and saw a "Hi" and what appeared to be Oriental writing next to it. Then the oriental stuff disappeared. I called HBS customer service and left an email about this.
  20. goodteach0


    Pretty wallpaper! the way you did the corner molding is nice too
  21. I definately think you should tell the girls about the biopsy. Try to do it very casually. In the link you posted before the odds of cancer were low . you might mention that if the girls seem worried. I love Chelsea!
  22. Wolfie, bless your little paws! That sounds delicious. Ijust made a copy& I'm going to get the ingredients tomorrow. I'm drooling cause I love coffee and chocolate.Yum!
  23. Hopefully, one of these days Greenleaf will rerelease the little Victorianna. I would buy one or two of those in a New York minute! I bet lots of other folks would too.
  24. Lynette, That's an awfully sweet good looking family you have there!
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