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  1. Your Gracie is beautiful. I also have a kitty named Graycie
  2. Sherry, You are so right about the education field! Fortunately,our Ohio governor is planning a big bill to help schools in Ohio.
  3. Happy to hear that Misty is doing ok. I feed my kitties canned food but keep out special urinary tract health dry food for them as well. I buy most of my canned food at Petsmart. I'm surprised the vet didn't put in a "ring block" for the injuried kitten. The kitten must be doing ok as far as pain.
  4. You got my vote! I was especially impressed with your shingles.
  5. Heidii, she is a beautiful girl with the sweetest looking facw, but what the heck are those things coming out of her mouth?
  6. He is a dirty,horrible,scumsucking *&#$. Who should go to jail for the rest of his no count life! While he is in jail he should be forced to work and the money made donated to animal rights causes. Now I better go meditate and take a blood pressure pill.
  7. Yes.I agree with you Rhonda. This scum should be banned from the acting community forever.
  8. Rhonda, I totally agree with you. All my furbabies are rescues too.
  9. Long,long ago The young Marlon Brando and Elvis. Now George Clooney- gorgeous with brains and a social conscious
  10. goodteach0

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    Lynette, You look wonderful!
  11. Lynette, It's the hormones plus all the other stuff going on at your job. Might help to journal how your feeling, try very hard to get your protein, take a leisurely walk . It's the lack of hormones mainly. Remember how somepeople feel just when they're having pms or going into menopause. Get those hormones as soon as possible. Remember, this will pass. Hangin there sweetheart. ps I can't imagine anybody not getting along with you! Must be something wrong with those peeps.
  12. Freya, Thanks for posting that. I did not know about this sweetner being toxic to dogs
  13. The story was on Faux News so what can you expect!
  14. favorite flower-roses and orchids favorite colors- green and red favorite meal-breakfast
  15. Deb, I am so happy that you and Bruce are doin better. Yay,yay,hurray!
  16. Wendy, your daughter's tattoo is one of the most beautiful I've seen. Makes me wish I could have one too.(I can't because I tend to become allergic to stuff)
  17. Wendy, that is gorgeous! What is the size of that lovely piece and how long did it take to do it?
  18. The Fantasy Villa,the County House,and the Gothic House(which is like a half scale Tennyson) are all half scale. These are made by Woodcraft. Our own Tracy(minis on the edge) sells some of these.
  19. Onions as well as garlic,to a lesser degree, are toxic to both cats and dogs.
  20. Deb, Fingers crossed, sending positive thoughts, meditating while looking at Primary Tiffany all going on here! If I can think of any other positive things we'll do those too.
  21. Susanne, she is beautiful! Whenever I''ve brought a new cat into my home I've always isolated the new kitty for awhile and then started letting it mingle with the others for short periods while I'm with them. So far this has worked for me. I wish I lived closer I would take her!
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