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  1. Sweet,sweet looking doggies
  2. goodteach0


    Beautiful creature!
  3. goodteach0


    Awww he is so cute!
  4. McDonald's has a sugar free vanilla iced coffee that is quite tasty I get one often.
  5. Wow! That is striking. I really,really like it.
  6. I saw the original and thought it was pointless and depressing.
  7. I agree with Walt and Gina!
  8. That is the cutest thing! You are very talented.
  9. Karin, I just looked at your houses. Good gawd! your mother in law must have a serious eye problem.Your houses are gorgeous I'm glad I don't have a MIL. I'd probably tell her to mind her own business. Hang in there then after she's gone you can enjoy yourself with the Beacon Hill.
  10. Gee, I'm glad I was an only child.LOL
  11. goodteach0


    I currently have one ten year old chihuahua. She was a breeder dog in a puppy mill. Fortunately, she was rescued before the puppy mill creeps could drown her since she had become too old to be a breeder dog any longer. When I first got her she was afraid of everything but she has gotten much more socialized in the 8 months that I've had her. I probably will adopt 1 or 2 more small dog rescues soon. Oh, and I have twelve cats ranging from 4 to 18+ years. They all get along,are fixed and use their litter pans. I just love all kinds of animals.
  12. I just got my Kindle 2 yesterday and am in love with it! This morning while still in bed I downloaded the New York Times and the Washington Post. You get a free 2 week trial on newspapers, mags, and blogs. On most books they sent a sample chapter so you can decide if you want to purchase. The final clincher that caused me to purchase the Kindle was because it will read any text for you if you want it to. We have lots of power outages here so that feature will be put to good use.
  13. I agree with Wolfie and Heidi on this. Since he's not going to be there too long,grin and bare it. At least the poor guy is not trying to deliberately get you fired or something.
  14. Margaret,maybe this is something the vet can treat. Yes seventeen is older,but many cats live okay longer. I currently have four kitties that are seventeen or older. Three have slowed down but are active, pain free, and eat well. The fourth one is very active and seems much younger. I had one kitty live to be 22 and be healthy until about the last few weeks of her life. Please wait and see what the vet says. Maybe it's treatable!
  15. goodteach0

    Tax break!

    Very well stated,Andrew. I totally agree.
  16. Cayrol, I am so sorry about your loss. As an animal lover myself, I really relate to your pain.
  17. Heidiii,I have about 20 phals myself. Wolfie has given you some good information. Also if you go to the Carter and Holmes website there is info about phal care.
  18. goodteach0


    He's a beautiful boy. You did good Margaret.
  19. Can you file a complaint and get a refund?
  20. Lynette, You're looking great! Ihave a young cousin who has just had gastric bypass surgery and I have told her about you. Your story really keeps her spirits up.
  21. goodteach0

    Pretty Pink bed

    Very pretty! You really did a nice job.
  22. goodteach0


    Bluey and Petey are beautiful boys.
  23. Margaret, that is wonderful news about Bluey! Sounds like he's going to be a wonderful pet. Bless your heart,Margaret,for being so kind.
  24. Take him to the vet and have him checked and treated. I would keep him as long as he doesn't have FIV. How would anyone know how many kitties you have? Where I live there is no limit on how many we can have but I never tell my neighbors anyway. My kitties like to sit in the windows but fortunately they're all either black,white,or gray so nosy people can't tell how many I have!LOL Margaret,kudos to you for being so caring and concerned about the poor little kitty.
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