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  1. I am so very,very sorry! That is such a horrible thing to have happen Take care,dear.
  2. Jane, wanna in El Paso.com has some really neat ideas on bashing or reworking Brown Plastic Furniture if you're interested. goodteach0
  3. Bless your heart Greg.You're an angel!
  4. Looks an awful lot like a version of the 1/144 scale Beacon Hill.
  5. I have a Kindle. I gave it to myself last year for my birthday. Absolutely love it!
  6. Well if she isn't the sweetest little thing!
  7. goodteach0


    My goodness he sure is a dapper looking fellow. Wolfie does wonderful dolls.
  8. I totally understand. I still cry about my little dog Sweetie that I lost a few years ago. She had congestive heart failure. She was my special doggie just as your little Carly was to you. Hugs
  9. Perla looks adorable in her Snuggy. Maybe I will try one for my chi too.
  10. Yes, the first teacher should have sent a note out to the second teacher.
  11. goodteach0

    008 [50%].JPG

    Ypu did a great job. Just beautiful!
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