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  1. (Just as long as Chaucer doesn't sharpen his nails on that beautiful rug!!!) As usual, everything is gorgeous.
  2. hunterdg

    Hi, Mom

    It looks like she's saying, "Are you making this for ME"
  3. hunterdg

    Kitchen 2

    I really like this. It's a lot of fun to look at!
  4. Simply awesome. There's going to be some happy recipients!
  5. hunterdg


    I love everything about this! The colors are great!
  6. hunterdg

    Filled bookcase

    You are a miniature making machine! Looks so very real!
  7. hunterdg

    Foto 159

    Really unique. Love it!
  8. hunterdg

    Window Dilemma

    I like number 3, also!
  9. hunterdg

    Overall interior

    It's absolutely wonderful!!!!
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