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  1. It was a small case for miniatures (I got mine as a freebie from my local mini shop). Then I made up some spreadsheets to look like the earring display board and reduced them to the right size. The actual "earrings" are pieces of nail art (bought from the local $ store), glitter, bits of chain, thread and the like. It was a lot of fun to make, but it took forever! I averaged one side per day and all four sides were finished (the silver got some glue spilled on it so that is never facing out!) I needed a magnifying light, tweezers and a lot of patience! Glad you like it!!!!!!
  2. JuliesBoyz

    Julie's Jewels

    HBS Contest Entry 2010
  3. Thanks, Cathy! I also did the logo in the window. I had plans to make it on some carrier bags, but never got around to it. Didn't really have a spot to put them, either as the inside was sort of "packed"!
  4. The clock was actually a really ugly looking clip on earring! I thought it looked a lot better as a clock! lol
  5. Thanks, all. The stones are polymer clay. I took a couple of colors (i.e. a little brown and a lot of white) and rolled them together but left them with some variations, still. Then I pressed them out into thin sheets (maybe 6" by 12"), baked them and then broke them apart. By doing a bunch with different colors, I got a lot of variations in the stone colors which I thought turned out pretty. They were then glued on the walls and grouted with paintable caulk mixed with brown paint. Because of "raising the roof" I had to do something to hide the serious irregularities in the walls. I was
  6. JuliesBoyz

    Dollhouse rescue

    Lucky find! Can't wait to see progress pics!
  7. JuliesBoyz

    Post 17.jpg

    your attic is gorgeous!!
  8. JuliesBoyz

    post 19.jpg

    What do the windows look like? Must be dormers, right??
  9. JuliesBoyz


    They came with the kit but not the little "wrought iron" things -- those were purchased separately. Thanks!
  10. JuliesBoyz

    East Side Townhouse

    A record of my build of the East Side Townhouse by Real Good Toys
  11. JuliesBoyz


    bricks look great!!!
  12. JuliesBoyz


    love your stained glass .... sigh!!!
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