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  1. Thank you for the advice. I basically figured out to use the dryer, and disasembled the entire thing. I'm trying not to be too discouraged, because at least now I know what I am decorating, but it will take some time ... here's a picture of the demolishion.... It's really pretty sad how EASY it came apart with the dryer! Danielle
  2. I used a glue gun and have been frustrated with how the house has turned out Is it too late to save it? Can I just 'melt' it away and start over? The stupid directions said to use a glue gun, and I thought I was doing something wrong with how it was fitting together! I'm worried it's ruined :lol: ah Danielle
  3. Oh no, that's what I did wrong!! I've been rather discouraged about how things are "fitting" together ... and wasn't happy about the gaps ... any suggestions on what to do once you do it? I've thought about starting over, taking apart ... but I'm afraid to totally ruin it. Danielle
  4. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I did both sides, and I'm thinking I may not have wanted to do that? I really like it ... hope these come out so you can see them well Danielle
  5. Love the photos :lol: I'm a photo nut! Taken today ... working on my glencroft, posted this one on another thread ... Danielle
  6. Oh wow! What a subject! I just celebrated my 6th anniversary (December 30) of WLS. I had a gastric bypass in '99 due to obesity. It was a bit more than 15lbs., BUT I understand the struggle of diets, programs, classes etc. I was always on the heavier side all my life, never 'small' like the size I am now, but when I had my children, I gained a lot of weight. I lost it after my second, but when I had my third, I gained it all back and then some. THEN I got pregnant immediately following my third, never lost the weight, and had an accident during my second trimester with my fourth. Once he was b
  7. Blesdmomx4

    My Family

    Just sharing some pics of us, enjoy!
  8. My dad e-mailed me this photo today (I'm working on a family newsletter) and it's of my 5 brothers and I taken last January ... wow my hair was short! from left to right - Christopher #2, Matthew #4, John-Paul #5 (can you tell we're Catholic yet? lol) me #3, Mark #6 & Joe #1 - NO SISTERS! that just wasn't right The second photo is of all the grandkids my parents insanely took on a week-long vacation to Bush Gardens, FL .... hey, we enjoyed the break! :lol: from left bottom to right (gee everyone looks so Happy! lol) Amanda (my neice), Jackie (my oldest daughter), Devonne (neice)
  9. Happy Birthday! Party party :lol: Danielle
  10. Before we went to dinner tonight, I had hubby swing by Michael's (our local craft shop) because I needed more paint and varnish. (OH OH I picked up a couple of cans of stucco 'natural' ... I'm gonna try it for finishing!) While I was there, I also picked up some Fleck Stone textured spray paint, because I really wanted to do something with the fireplace exterior. Has anyone used this before? How does it come out? Thanks! Danielle
  11. neat idea! i thought about making shutters, or seeing if anyone makes wooden shutters for windows? i had shutters on my kitchen windows in va bch (i miss my house ) and they would fold open and closed, with blind-type openings inside of them. your blinds question reminded me of that. i'd love to see how you do the blinds! send pics as soon as you can :lol: danielle
  12. Those are all great ideas! I don't know, I was just going to skip the whole bathroom this time around. I'll see how it look at the end. I'm really torn with continuing to paint and decorate, or finish with construction. I know I need to get moving with constructing, but I am really enjoying this painting stuff .... here's a shot of me earlier today that hubby took. I straightened my hair since it's 'date night' tonight ... he snuck up on me with the camera ... :lol: I'm working on the downstairs fireplace trimwork. I just got some books in today that show how to knit, nee
  13. :o Thank you EVERYONE for your advice and tips about the wrapping paper. I decided to go ahead and get scrapbook paper, since it is archival and thicker than the wrapping paper. I've attached photos of the stairs painted (may put one more coat on) and of the papers I've chosen for the house. The stripes look warped on one of the photos, so I got a close up of it. The cream colored-flowered one is really thick and the design is raised, giving it a textured look/feel. I really like that one! I've also decided the rooms I want. Downstairs will be the familyroom and kitchen, upstairs will be the b
  14. Jenny! WOW! Only 3 days? OMGosh! It's wonderful! I love the lighting, and it's your first house too. Wow, is all I can say. lol I'm still working on the Glencroft, wishing I could get to the store to get more paint at the moment. Kids started back to school this morning, I went in to take care of a few things, but had to come back to the house to meet the housing office people about some mold in the ventilation. We're in military housing, and a private contractor literally just took over management. We called weeks ago about this problem, but the military people didn't have the budget
  15. Blesdmomx4


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