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  1. I am building the Willow as a colonial home. I am partial to Victorian style so I am not sure what belongs in a colonial home. For the kitchen I am thinking a walk in fireplace, I've seen a few but haven't decided how I am going to build it. Also a work table, dough box and a hutch for dishes and such. For the bedrooms rope beds with ticking matress. I thought I had my Douglas Guides somewhere but can't find them. Does anyone know where I can find accurate information about colonial homes. Thanks in advance Linda
  2. The exacto is hard for me to use because I have arthritis and fibromyalgia but I will keep working on it.
  3. I was excited to start my Willow this morning but my excitement didn't last long. The first piece I tried to punch out is not cut through. I tried an exacto knife but am not able to cut through the wood. Part of what I did manage to punch splintered. Luckily it is the first floor so the splintering will be under the house. Any suggestions how I can get the piece out. Thanks in advance Linda
  4. That is what I thought. I used wood glue or tacky glue for the other houses I have built but hot glue sure would be faster. Linda
  5. Does anyone use hot glue to assemble their dollhouses? I have the Willow and in the instructions it says you can use hot glue but I wasn't sure how well this would hold up. I have aleene's tacky glue too. Thanks in advance, Linda
  6. I was doing a little shopping and thinking about what project I want to do. I love victorian so I was thinking an early victorian would be fun. Then I thought maybe a colonial, finally I decided to make a pioneer soddy. I was trying to think of what to make the sod from I tried Google but didn't get any results. So I figured I'd pull out my old Nutshell News magazines and see if there was something in them I could adapt for the project. To my surprise I found the instructions for a soddy project. Now my problem is there are eight articles for the project. I have two. The issues start at Oct
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