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    cake decorating(did wedding cakes for over 20 years); digging in my flower gardens and spending time with my grandchildren.

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I am married with three grown children and currently 3 grandchildren, with a 4th on the way!  My early married life was consumed by taking care of the kids, running a wedding cake in-home business, teaching cake decorating classes, participating in a national cake decorators organization (was State Rep for several years), volunteering at our local fair and eventually holding a position on the Board of Directors in charge of Domestic Exhibits, and volunteering at church as a youth advisor for a total of 13 years!

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, my life has made a drastic change.  I have an office job and I have traded my cake decorating stuff in for mini stuff!  I needed that "artistic outlet", so I dusted off the dollhouse I had started for my daughter 15 years before and went back to work on it!  Now I do mostly rehab work on dollhouses for clients.  Just as with my love for real life old houses, I hate to see old dollhouses get neglected and throw aside.  I want to save them all! The houses that I work on are generally for play, and not for the adult collector, so I work on the architecture and interior design elements rather than fiddling with furniture placement.  LOL


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