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  1. Years and years ago, I was at a miniatures show and there was a man who had made dry sinks, that actually pumped water from the pump. Does anyone know if this man still is around, or know of anything like this? I tend to collect things that actually "work". Thanks! Sarah
  2. Here's the interior. She has all the interior walls as well. I have Big Plans lol.
  3. Yes! I have wanted this house for so long.
  4. I can't wait to see what my furniture looks in it. I have housefuls of stuff, so I am excited to see what fits. I got a STEAL. $250 plus furniture still in package for every room and all the interior trim/staircases.
  5. I don't post a ton but that will be changing. I just got this beauty off of Craigslist. The inside is totally unfinished, so I am going to need lots of help!
  6. I am using battery lights in the house I am building now, I just don't have the patience to wire another house.
  7. I saw some like these yesterday in Hobby Lobby. -Sarah
  8. I took a few years off (kids, life, mostly kids got in the way) but am jumping back in with both feet. Currently I am building an Alison Jr. which I will extend a floor to make an underground basement. I still have my mothers house to redo in the 1940's style she would of wanted. And I keep building room boxes and buying things! I could furnish five houses with all my stuff by now. I am so happy to be back. I forgot how therapeutic mini'ing is :-) -Sarah
  9. I would love to wire my new house, but I am not using any wallpaper. Will the tape wire show up under the paint? I have never done this before. Thanks a lot!
  10. That is wonderful! I am so happy for you and you sister! I think a Chrysbon kit is a lovely idea, maybe a few that go together? Like some kitchen pieces? -Sarah
  11. It's in Canada, I wonder if anyone here has seen it? -Sarah :yes:
  12. Not miniature but I think this is so cool! :-) Life Sized Dollhouse
  13. I thought of resin, but would it eat the styrofoam? Or would the spackle protect it? I have used clear caulking for water on styrofoam, but it would take forever to fill a pool with it. Now I wanna start fiddling around with stuff and seeing what works! :-) -Sarah
  14. Those are so cute! Thanks for the link! -Sarah :woohoo:
  15. Paper Furniture Book Has anyone made up this book? It looks so adorable! I wonder what scale they end up as? -Sarah
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