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    Reading, Writing, Traveling, Suduko puzzles, and Miniatures (of course). Also a fan of Classic Rock, particularly songs of the 60's.

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My name is Maureen, but as some of you know from the forum, my icon says rackey. I acquired my nickname one day when my mother haphazardly said I look like a raccoon in the morning because of the dark circles under my eyes. This started as a personal joke, but the nickname stuck, and I even have RACKEY on my personal license plates. So if you see me on the road, please honk and wave.

I recently renewed my interest in dollhouses and miniatures after being laid-off from Corporate America. During my unemployment, I decided to complete a BA degree in Communications, as I felt it was either now or never. I also had that same feeling about my dollhouses, as I saw this as an opportune time to have them renovated to the way I always pictured them to be.

I recently had a dollhouse I owned since 1979 upgraded to move in ready condition, and I posted numerous pictures of it in my gallery under Country House. Likewise, I am hoping to do the same with my Garfield house, which I started working on two and a half years ago with my friends and had to stop once my friends basement where we were working became flooded.

Besides miniatures, I enjoy classic rock, reading (particularly true crime stories and Jodi Picoult novels), and watching my niece, who is an actress in Philadelphia, perform. I had the privilege of traveling to all 50 states, but I lived in New Jersey all my life.

I also enjoy writing, particularly editorials. While offering my perspective, I like to give people something to think about while being respectful to opposing opinions. However, in the electronic age where anyone can anonymously respond to anything online, respect and intellectual conversation is often lacking, to say the least.

That is all the more reason why it is such a pleasure to be a part of this site as everyone is very supportive of one another regardless of how one's individual projects may vary from our own. It has been a pleasure sharing my hobby with all of you, and I never fail to be amazed at the projects all of you shared with me. I remain inspired.

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