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  1. rackey

    Country House - Album 2

    Since the renovations of my Country House and the family that lives there have been introduced in my prior Country House album, that now features 150+ pictures, I thought I would continue my family/house updates in a separate album. I hope you will continue to enjoy viewing my little family and their home.
  2. rackey

    Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    This is a Real Good Toys Vermont Farmhouse, Jr. built by my friend Maureen Davis (a.k.a. Mosie and Mo). Previously I posted pictures of her room box, but now she advanced to her first house. Mo is a member of this site, but is allowing me to post her pictures, as I was almost as excited about this house as she was.
  3. rackey

    Mosie's Room

    My friend who is also named Maureen (Mo for short) is a member on this site, but she gave me the honors of posting pictures of her new room box. I guess you can say I invited her into the miniature world, but unlike me, she did her own wallpapering, etc. Recently, several of you joined in the hunt, which turned out to be a nationwide search of the loveseat needed to complete this room. For those of you who followed up on this search, I think you will be pleased with the end results. For those of you hearing about this room box and loveseat for the first time, I think you will like this litt
  4. Last August my friends planned a road trip, and a week before we took off they told me they added the Great American Dollhouse Museum to our itinerary as a surprise to me. I felt like a kid going to Disney World. The museum was well worth the trip, and I urge everyone who will be in the Danville, Kentucky area to stop by for a visit. Even your non-miniaturist family members and/or travel mates will be impressed. This album contains some of my pictures to give you an idea of what it is like. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.
  5. rackey

    Mouse House

    Room Box, Miceberg Family
  6. rackey

    Garfield House - Unfinished

    Garfield House before renovations.
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