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    Doll's houses and miniatures; sewing/knitting; singing, dance, acting; creative writing; playing guitar, speaking and writing French, German and Italian; learning new languages; conducting academic study and research; making new friends.

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  1. I have both house and basement - the one eBay auction I kinda regret because I got caught-up in a bidding war! I paid too much LOL.
  2. Just beautiful. So much detailed work. Stunning! x
  3. I want that 30s and 40s book badly but so far it hasn't come up on either Amazon or eBay at a sufficiently reduced price! I shall continue to watch and wait LOL.
  4. I won't be keeping these staircases. I plan to remove them entirely and use the old trick of a false back wall and interior door on both upstairs rooms!
  5. elfprincess


    Gorgeous. The Brookwood is a really special house and that red colour is fantastic x
  6. elfprincess


    Have to say I just love the sweeping front staircase. It comes along with the basement pack. So pretty.
  7. That's just what it feels like! I lie at night picturing how I will wallpaper, paint and decorate them x
  8. elfprincess

    IMG 3195

    Beautiful. You're giving me ideas! x
  9. I'm so happy that, from the same wonderful seller, I bought not only my much sighed-over 'stuff of dreams' kit, The Malibu Beach House, but also The Montgomery; Le Chateau; and the Lake View Garden Room. All four houses, one basement and one garden room cost a total of £158.00 ($269.93). A lot of money to me - and worth every penny. And... I bought another serious bargain three months ago with a vague notion of re-selling. Now I will most probably keep it. It is THE PRIORY by Doll's House Direct, UK. Cost, in kit form, £320.00. Cost to me, private sale, £50.00. The
  10. elfprincess


    Adorable! So warm and welcoming, too x
  11. elfprincess

    elfprincess's treasures

    My projects, as and when I tackle them.
  12. Hi Alexander! The Jefferson I initially thought was a Willow! LOL. Yes, it's gorgeous. I am looking forward to doing it justice x
  13. The Dartmouth has two generously-sized attic rooms, also.
  14. It might be wiser to advertise houses on specialist sites - collector-type ones. There are many. One UK site charges £9.50 for detailed ad space. Since it is frequented by serious miniaturists houses seem to sell well - the prices are high, the workmanship excellent, and where there is doubt the seller simply says, 'please make an offer'. There may well be dozens of US and Canadian websites dedicated to doll's house fans! eBay is fantastic but most of us go there in hopes of finding bargains.
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