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  1. I would like to put crown moulding throughout my house, I haven't been able to find where to buy it. Also any tips on how I could build my own if possible. By the way I'm building the Garfield and if you haven't guessed I'm new to all this. Thanks in advance.
  2. I live in Michigan just north of Detroit. I grew up in an area with a large Dutch population. I also am Dutch like my name says B) . And like the saying goes...if your not Dutch your not much . I'm sure you've heard that before, being married to a Dutch man. ;)
  3. Thank you for your warm responses. And there is only one of me sorry, typo it was suppose to be dutchman not dutchmen Anyway my daughter is 4yo she is going to help me decorate it. The plan is over the years we add more furniture and different decorations to it. She'll be able to grow up with it and maybe pass it on to her children. But I have to admit, I'm alittle hooked on it so I foresee future houses. I'll try and get some pics for you all. Hope everyone has a good new year.
  4. Hi everyone I just bought the Garfield for my daughter, she is very excited about it. I just finished the foundation and surprisingly it looks pretty good for a beginner. I have been reading alot of stuff on this website and it has given me alot of great ideas and tips. Look forward to sharing my progress with you and I'm sure I'll have tons of questions. Again Hi everybody and I'm excited to be a part of this fun little community.
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