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  1. I think the site you are looking for is www.cynthiahoweminiatures.com. She has beautiful hand-painted, crackle finish Beatrix Potter nursery furniture.
  2. This thread is hilarious! I have had cats all my life and our current fuzzy friend, Sylvester (see picture) is one of the most obnoxious when it comes to getting his way. I was sitting at the table painting pieces of trim and he decides to jump up and sprawl himself out right there! He apparently felt neglected - but the thing is he's a long haired tuxedo cat who has now flicked his tail in my paint and of course gotten fur on the pieces I've just done, which are still sticky. It takes forever to pick cat fur out of paint...... and talk about trying to get it off his fluffy tail! But he's our baby so he gets away with everything.
  3. C. Our kitty is definitely a member of the family. I don't have a picture of him on this computer, but this cat could be his twin! He loves to chew on the velcro on shoes and leather - I carry a reminder of him every day, because I have chew marks on my purse straps and on some of my shoes. He also loves furry, soft things - he will carry stuffed animals around the house in his mouth and he drags the kids fleece blankets off their beds. He's completely weird, but we love him dearly and are so glad we rescued him from the dumpster he lived under.
  4. ktribe


    I just love this picture! My "kitty" is a 14 lb furball and I haven't let him near the dollhouse, because I'm afraid he'll wreck it. He is very big on draping himself across whatever strikes his fancy.
  5. Your house looks great! I think someday I would like to build a Beacon Hill. So many people have done them and they turn out fantastic. Keep posting pictures!
  6. Hi Donna, Welcome from another WI member!! :wub: I just joined a few months ago when I bought a dh for my daughter and the tips and feedback from everyone here has been great. Shelley
  7. ktribe


    Oooooo so scary!! One of my favorite movies - the first one that is!! I was freaked out for months after I saw it. BTW - the RL Amityville house is for sale if you're interested........
  8. Well, I went online at our library and I have some books coming in from other libraries. I think I'm also going to do what you suggested, Wendy, and find RL furniture I like and try to make it in mini!! Wish me luck!! Thanks so much for all the ideas. I'll post pictures of my efforts for you all to see.
  9. Does anyone know where to find miniature furniture patterns? Or do I just find a RL piece I like and try to convert it to 1:12? I am planning to make most of my furniture for my daughter's dollhouse, but I need a starting point. Any help would be great!! Thanks...
  10. Lynette, my thoughts and prayers are with you
  11. Had to take a break for awhile, life got hectic with school starting, football practice, etc. I hope I can work on my house this weekend, I've got my fingers crossed. BTW - does anyone know where I can possibly get miniature furniture patterns? I've got some of my own ideas, but I'm not sure how to translate them into actual furniture. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello Jane - Welcome to the forum!!
  13. Selkie, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Keep faith even though it may be hard. Shelley
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