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    I have too many interests, woodworking, foreign language, working out, playing guitar, fishing, cycling, a hopeless romantic, Aikido, you name it, but now I am building a doll house for my niece who lives on the other side of the country in Seattle. I built a Matchbox City for my nephew from scratch, that was fun, so I am looking forward to building a doll house for her.

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  1. I hope my house turns out that nice, my niece would love i!
  2. I have been doing cedar shake staining for the last two days or so and now I'm at around 400 shingles at least. Two of the cedar shake shingle sheets came with this beautiful wood that didn't need anything but a clear coat to look great. Almost half way there!
  3. CraigWoozy


    That is one cool looking cart!
  4. CraigWoozy

    Back view

    Did you make that dress? It's very well done, very impressive!
  5. CraigWoozy


    Thanks, that was very kind to say those things!
  6. The wallpaper really adds some class to the room, along with the stained wood trim. Very nice!
  7. This is the first day of the doll house build. Here I am staining the cedar shake shingles, one at a time, to get a varied and weathered look. Luckily I enjoy tedious things like this.
  8. CraigWoozy


    Building my first doll house for my niece.
  9. CraigWoozy


    Can you show me the side view of the table?
  10. CraigWoozy


    Love the colors!
  11. CraigWoozy


    I really like the ceiling there
  12. CraigWoozy


    Love the stove and table
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