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  1. Time to sneak that bag of marshmallows away from Roland ;)
  2. Very cool little kit. Looks like lots of images in the instructions too.
  3. *beams* I'm so excited for you! Congrats my dear
  4. Oh, he's wonderful Steve
  5. I think the quilt works just fine and the room is great
  6. I like that it is a choice, the base looks great if you want to go the taxidermy route, but leaves the option of having him outdoors too
  7. Nice score! The MH is 77lbs in box *faints* wow!
  8. Score. Oh I love the little canes and look at all those furniture pieces!
  9. *sniffs bushes* I'll be in a moment!
  10. So very cool. I really like the windows on the sides of the A frame
  11. Retro and Orange?! Excuse me while I plunk down and yoink that Pepsi, good luck getting me outta here
  12. *swoon* What did you use for the cabinet faces, the finish is fab!
  13. Since she appears to be having a candlelit dinner with a handsome young man and wearing her new pink top, I think she qualifies ;) Too cute!
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