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  1. Yup thats pretty much exactly what I mean, but it doesn't want to let me do that! I call it "user error" although "pc illiterate" comes to mind too lol
  2. Yeah it's growing on me Monica I think it'll just have to add to the quirks of the house. Im sure their will be other mistakes worth fixing this one can stay :woohoo:
  3. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANNNNKKKYOUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I can not believe how many pictures I've looked through to find that, because I was so embarrassed to be asking again!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
  4. Im discouraged by having to move my precious dollhouse off the kitchen table.. Now I have to attempt to spin it everytime I need to do something to it... Feels like its been shuffled into a corner This is the only way to save the carpet in the lounge thoe, seeings the kids just don't know how to put a fork of food into their mouths without dropping it all over the carpet.. HOW RUDE OF THEM!!! Lazy susan is looking like my next investment I think, then I could spin it comfortably at least ~sighs~ P.S. I lost my little door hinges :woohoo: and glued my brass plated crystal door knobs on upside down... The keyhole is upside down for it looks stupid... Is intending on PRYING them off later with the utmost of care... Bad day in dollhouse land.. Bad day!
  5. You may borror my muse if you like, it accidently made me glue my front door handles UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  6. Sorry to be a bother, I know I've asked before and I've been looking for two days through galeries to find the picture someone posted of the rooftop garden someone made from their garfield... I had the picture saved to my pc and husband did a clean up and didn't keep it, so If anyone knows where or who it was posted by it would be muchly apprieciated if I could get directions! Thankyou in advance
  7. Ive been considering the same thing with my garfield, not sure whether to just buy some tile sheets and if it's crap use it in my daughters dollhouse or to look for something else. I want more or less the house to look real, but in miniature, not plastic and thrown together So many options!!!!! Good luck!
  8. It's mothers day.. I'll have a dozen egg omlette... and spend a quite afternoon making more bricks!
  9. Thankyou so much for all the kind words!! Yes the bricks and the floorboards I got the idea from in here, if it weren't for reading through old topics, I'd have gone and bought some sort of flooring, and probably just painted the outside with a textured paint, so I'm pretty impressed! I had a couple of lights delivered, which I love!!! And I had husband drive me across Melbourne yesterday to visit "the doll house shop" which I was rather impressed with, but unfortunately we had the three children with us and many hands make much work for mum! Bought a rug to cover the one half thickness floorboard, which looks wonderful, and hopefully will suit the wallpaper I just purchased online from ebay! Oh well If it doesn't look any good I'll just use it in another room!
  10. SnOw WhItE


    This is my favorite picture in the whole wide world!! the way the light shines thur the window, and the interior light sort of glows off the really stupid and longwinded flooring I put down.. and the chequered tiles that are supposed to be under the staircase which I forgot to put in before I GLUED IT DOWN.... ahhh happy days
  11. Well has a lot gone on in the last few months... alot with me and practically nothing with my dollhouse!!! Have the garfield, some of you probably know that already, and the 144 scale garfield to go inside of it of course Spent almost two months cutting the ends off icypole/popsycal sticks to lay some floorboards in the lounge/hall area of the bottom floor, two weeks of sanding it back to find out I put wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much woodfiller into the grain, and then after spilling my wine over the darn flooring, realised while wiping it up that it actually takes it off faster then a powered sander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hence my metholated spirits approach for another 2 hours 2 HOURS!!! THATS ALL IT TOOK AFTER THAT!!! ~coughs~ I put a couple of coats of varnish on it, there is one.. and I do mean just one of the "floor boards" that is half the width of the others!!!! Oh well I tried to pull it up and couldn't so I'll pop a rug over it lol.... started making bricks for the exterior, I love them.. but I can't eat that many eggs, so it's a sloooowww process, and I painted roses on the window glass of the front door! I loveeee that.. But i wasn't smart enough to make a pattern and pop it under the CLEAR PLASTIC!! how stupid am I lol.... Have a working doorbell ordered and on its way DING DONGGGG.. Kind of sounds like my thoughts when I lay down at night! And I have just had delivered a couple of the lights, so I've updated some pictures... I think it's the last one that I love the best, but the stupid forum wont allow me to post any comments, which is why im using the quick acess panel on the right hand side of the screen to post ANYTHING.. haveing a bad day I tell you! I'll figure it out, and If I can't ill Insert:Center a mod to help me figure it out :lol: lol
  12. SnOw WhItE


    1/144 scale garfield, and 1/12 scale garfield in progress
  13. There's one in Melbourne, in cambelfield I think it is, I haven't been in there because in all honesty the products they're advertising online weren't what I was really after and their range seemed very limited compared to what I've seen in places over seas. Australia seems to be missing out on all the good stuff!! I think I'd agree with Kathie thoe, especially anywhere northern territory sort of area I'd have him hit the souvenier shops! Most of Australia is pretty multicultural and sometimes it seems you leave your suburb and you're in a different country! We also do have over here little bargain places like the $2 shop.. .where near next to nothing actually ever costs $2 lol (ironic that) and the reject shop where products are sold with upside down lables on packaging and sometimes minor defects. I've found some really good little mini things in these sorts of shops especially because they seem to carry such an array of different products, everything from stationary to gardening to concrete supplies (I couldn't believe that I picked up a bag of concrete sand for $4 one year) Not that you need concrete lol Probably worth a look thoe! Good luck!
  14. YAYYYY Thankyou so very much for that I was beginning to think maybe I'd dreamed it! :lol:
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