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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the best way to find other miniature enthusiasts in your area? I’m in. Colorado and beginning to think I’m alone in this hobby.
  2. This house seems so small compared to my others does anyone know what scale furniture to use?
  3. I'm doing the Victoria's Farmhouse. I was wondering if everyone paints a primer inside the house before decorating?
  4. Do you always put lights in your house? Is it as hard as it looks?
  5. Thanks everyone! part of the hard part is that some things that are completed make it a bit harder to decorate . And there are quite a few pieces of wood that I have no clue where they go
  6. I'm so excited! I got a great deal on Victoria's Farmhouse ! It is 25% done and it was $40. I can't wait to get started but can only seem to look online and feel completely overwhelmed and like I'm going to mess it up.
  7. I had a small two room House I picked up at a garage sale. Mostly as practice. Now I just got an RGT Victoria's Farmhouse. About 25% complete for just $40. Yipee!!!!!!! But now I just keep looking things up and can't start on either one for fear of messing it up.
  8. ThNk you Deb, I will check that out
  9. That would be great Shelly. I sent you a message.
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