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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the best way to find other miniature enthusiasts in your area? I’m in. Colorado and beginning to think I’m alone in this hobby.
  2. This house seems so small compared to my others does anyone know what scale furniture to use?
  3. Do you always put lights in your house? Is it as hard as it looks?
  4. Been to Santee many times. LOL "Small" world isn't it? Sherry
  5. Is that downtown El Cajon? In the old part? Thats too funny. I used to live in Spring Valley and worked in El Cajon forever. LOL There used to be this really great place near Grossmont Center. But that was about a million years ago. :lol: I think there is still one in Chula Vista. Is there one in Seaport Villiage? Seems like that would be a place to have one. Bet you're excited to start your new house. How fun !! Sherry
  6. What a nice new house to do. It's really cute! Good luck with your move too. Thats always fun. LOL :lol: I noticed you live in the San Diego area. Thats great. I grew up there and still have family there. I remember there used to be some really great mini stores. But...that was long ago. LOL :lol: Sherry
  7. :lol: Hi, Your bears are so cute ! Have fun with your house. I'm a "newbie" too and this place is great for lots of tips. Sherry
  8. Well, here I go..thinking ahead like I always do. (usually too far ahead really) After I'm done with this "Ashley" I don't know which house to do next. Does anyone remember the "Tennyson"? I have that one. But I dont know if it would be a hard one. I've been thinking about buying the "Arthur". Is that one very complicated? I'd like to do a Medium to smaller size one just because of space. Thanks in Advance, Sherry
  9. Thanks for all the responses. It helps. I don't have any pictures yet....computer, scanner, camera problem. LOL But I did decide to just do a cottage type decor. I have a small livingroom downstairs with an area for a kitchen table. Upstairs a bedroom. So we shall see how it turns out. Thanks again, Sherry
  10. Yikes!!!! I'm getting a little stressed about this house now( it's the Ashley by Dura Craft). Ive put it all together except for the roof. I started decorating a bit in the downstairs room and I am just not happy with it. The floor is okay, and the wallpaper is getting there but it just seems like nothing really looks right. I have some furniture but that doesn't look right either. This was supposed to be my first practice house (since it's small with only 2 rooms) but it seems like smaller with just 2 rooms might be harder. Maybe I need to paint the outside just so it finally loo
  11. Hi Lindsey, I'm very new to this forum, and miniatures, but it seems like a great place to learn a lot. I'm sure you'll love it. :lol: I used to live in Michigan..11yrs ago. I remember they had this great mini store up north a bit. I think the name of the town was "Frankenmuth" sp? Something like that. Have you ever been to it. Nice to have you here, Sherry
  12. Hi, I have a few questions and hope someone can help. What do you usually do last? The inside, or outside? Whats a good way to pick color? I want a "cottage look" for my house (Ashley) but have no idea what to do with the outside of it? Do you just paint the wood? Add something? Put some kind of texture on it? What is 1/12th size? Is that different then the furniture? Should I be getting the 1" furniture? Okay...I think thats enough questions for now. Thanks in advance. Sherry
  13. Hi Linda. I'm new to this site also but am very new to miniatures. I looked at your houses and all I can think is...."Oh my gosh!!!!!" They are beautiful !!!!!!!!! I must ask....Does your "real" house look as good? Where did you get all of your items? So many little detail things. Again.......They are beautiful !! Sherry
  14. Well it does seem like there is a wide range of ages. Myself...I'm 38. :lol: I guess I'm right in the middle. I've checked out a few stores in my area. Hobby Lobby (we have 2 of them), AC Moore (two of those also), and there is a "Miniature Store" near here also but I haven't gone there yet. Sherry
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