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  1. Hi Kathie!!! thanks! I keep having ideas for it and now have 2 little grandsons! Told my daughter that she will get it when it is finished! It haunts me! LOL
  2. ok so long time no post! Always working on making a living. I was doing my miniature fabric and loving it but then printer issues made it so I could not offer fabric reasonably priced! Miss it! And miss the sculpting and time for minis! Anyways! I came up with a product I am super excited about and think it would work really well for anyone who makes mini rugs! I plan on learning how to do half scale so I can get to my advent calendar again! It is called The Floss Inn. It is a project organizer for floss and threads for embroidery and such needlework! I even have a website for it! www.theflossinn.com I miss it here!!
  3. Thank you ladies!!!! I am obsessed with ideas for these chairs!!!!
  4. Well i opted for modge podge and that works! Here is a finished chair, one of my wacky Alice in Wonderland chairs!
  5. wah!!!! I live 2 hrs from a Michael's (in Albuquerque) and have no car now....been itching to get to the big city to look for things!!! yay for you!!!
  6. thanks!!! well it dried just fine on wood pieces painted with acrylic, as well as on polymer pieces i painted. I wondered if because the can is old there is not enough of the right mix left? Just baffles me that it would somehow intereact and not set!!! a lot of tiny paint detail wiped away with acetone now!! argh!!!
  7. I am really confused. I have been making molds for furniture elements, then casting pieces with a 2 part plastic mix. I then paint with acrylics which stick well and dry. But when I get the krylon spray (clear satin metal wood wicker more) it won't set up!!! I would understand if i were just spraying on plastic but this makes no sense as the krylon works on acrylic paint on top of wood. Would the plastic actually somehow mix with the acrylic in some chemical way to prevent the krylon from setting up and remaining tacky?
  8. I had this tiny kit for a few years, photos of such a thing that I then cut out and glued to a wood block....thought it was such a fun thing and wonder where the original is!!! you can see it in this pic of several half scale items I have made/found
  9. I am kind of looking into these, though surely cant afford even the ones under a thousand! but I think they have come down in price. Beginning researching what it all entails. At first when they came out I thought wow that will maybe hurt artists' and their one of a kind work. but then again, people who want one of a kind and wood will always buy that? I would love to have one and design things, and further save my thumbs from lots of mini work?
  10. what great tuts! and thanks for doing all that work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Fun find! I always look at our thrift store and never find anything. Cant complain though cause as far as clothes go everything is a dollar! and congrats on baby!!!!!!
  12. Selkie, since my thumbs began to fail me i could not do lots of sculpting anymore! thumbs just spasm and fingers dont hold tight to things anymore....i am really learning how I can use tweezers and a bit of wobbly thumbs can be ok! The strength and control over thumbs and forefinger just not there like they were! Hate that!!!!!
  13. thanks Holly, and Deb, thanks. I did that with cording for the top of the "wood" on top of layers of cardstock on the back piece....and yes always cursing and frustration where glue on fingers is concerned!!!! Found yesterday that if my fingers are cleaned off and a bit wet things dont stick too bad. I didnt have matching thread or cord for the fabric part....but crewel yarn is a good choice, hadnt thought about that! In terms of me saying trim was too big, I meant the faux wood carved look, working with ideas to create a wood carved look. Going to town today (an hour away) and will look for paper doilies, heck Valentine's decorations should be out so there should be a selection of heart ones maybe? Dollar tree I hope!!!
  14. Thanks!!! that is silk fabric I had from my dollmaking days, love it! I have some dark green somewhere too I think LOL And thanks Holly, I think I need thinner trim next time?
  15. I found this woman's tuts, i don't know how i could have not known! But then we find things when we are ready for them right? http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com/search/label/French%20chaise%20made%20from%20card%20stock And I know someone else in the group did the same thing, a half scale piece of furniture inspired by this woman, but cant find it again!!! So it inspired me to try some half scale furniture for the advent calendar, and I made this chaise! I messed up and got paint and then eurathane on fabric but oh well! I will cover that with stuff
  16. How fun! my mom's fav chocolate was See's and she got some every year for Christmas
  17. Here in NM (8000 ft) we woke to snow too! And wow Gail! I grew up and spent much of adult life in Cali on the coast (Lompoc) and only saw snow a couple times near there, amazing!!!!
  18. thanks!!! i think it looks comfy too! funny my son 32yrs old, who lives on my property, came over yesterday and I showed him. He was polite, LOL, and said cool, then held it and said "oooo that is comfy! I thought it would be hard" LOL
  19. LOL all of them? i have bits and pieces for different rooms but have yet to do one complete room! I may have enough things for 5-6 rooms? or enough things to set a theme?
  20. how fun!!! and Kathie LOL so true! I have to remind myself the same thing when I see wonderful big houses on tv......so much to clean!!!!
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