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  1. Hi Kathie!!! thanks! I keep having ideas for it and now have 2 little grandsons! Told my daughter that she will get it when it is finished! It haunts me! LOL
  2. ok so long time no post! Always working on making a living. I was doing my miniature fabric and loving it but then printer issues made it so I could not offer fabric reasonably priced! Miss it! And miss the sculpting and time for minis! Anyways! I came up with a product I am super excited about and think it would work really well for anyone who makes mini rugs! I plan on learning how to do half scale so I can get to my advent calendar again! It is called The Floss Inn. It is a project organizer for floss and threads for embroidery and such needlework! I even have a website
  3. jujurodgers

    First door!

    Thanks! and 24 to go, the 25th will be a double door though LOL
  4. jujurodgers

    advent calendar

    so this is a half scale advent calendar (I love advent calendars). Each balcony/porch will have a door that opens out to reveal a room inside lit up...the top attic type space will be for the 25th
  5. Thanks Brae!:o) My hubby is happy you showed this and his bucket! was so good to see you again this year :o)
  6. thank you!!!!! (would love to work on sets! LOL)
  7. havent been here in a awhile....thank you!!!!!! :o) so much!!!!
  8. love your eye for detail and history....just awesomely fab!!!!
  9. jujurodgers


    Thanks Janet! I swear i could smell and hear the ocean while i worked on it! LOL
  10. jujurodgers


    Thank you!!! (how goes wedding and move??)
  11. jujurodgers


    Thanks Brae, i think that of all your wondrous shots!!!
  12. jujurodgers


    yes her own tiny space in chaos! thanks...didnt want it too cluttered cause i dont think people back then had a lot of "stuff" for the sake of having stuff, well not poor people anyway! LOL
  13. jujurodgers


    thanks Brae!
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