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  1. HAHA! That's my Hitty doll. This will become her new home. She had a single a shelf apartment in the bookcase, but she was recently relocated to a box until her house is finished. Needless to say, she's been fussing at me to hurry up with it since I started building the house! Brooke
  2. I've taken a long break from working on my house. Here's where I'm at as of today. I'm sure you've noticed that there isn't any siding on it....wellllll....it's a little too time consuming for me. And the siding that was included in my kit are really wide. They're not skinny little siding pieces and quite franky, I don't feel like cutting all those pieces and making sure they're all even! LOL It's much easier to just paint. Now...what shall I do instead of shingles? Hmmmmmmm
  3. Oh good idea about wearing the middle out a little!! I did have problems with it at first, until I realized I put a piece of trim on before I was supposed to! LOL I got excited and skipped that little part! Brooke
  4. Yep! I went through the same thing with my inventory! It all worked out and as soon as I started to build it, and pull pieces out it all started to make sense. I've flipped through those sheets of wood more times than I can count! That's one thing I do wish could be changed. I wish they'd put all the chimney pieces on one sheet, all the staircase pieces on one sheet. It'd make a lot more sense and it'd save me a lot of time! It has been kind of frustrating having to search through all the sheets to find all of the for whatever I'm working on. Brooke
  5. Here's where I'm at now! Next step is the chimney. The flash really shows off where I need to touch up paint! LOL Brooke
  6. HAHA!! Me too!! I had to remove the one side of trim that should not have been put on yet! ;) Now on to staircase #2! Brooke
  7. WOW! Looks great! Hopefully one day I can get this staircase installed and maybe finish the house before Christmas! LOL ;) Brooke
  8. It just seems that the staircase is too big to fit. I tip the top back, but I can't get it to slide into place. It hits the ceiling and I'm afraid I'm going to break the 2nd floor, or the staircase if I force it. I'll try to take a picture of what I'm trying to do! LOL Brooke
  9. I can't seem to get the staircase to go in! Are there any tips or tricks to this? Brooke
  10. Ok, I'm finishing up on the first floor staircase. I'll post pictures later. I need someone to tell me exactly which lighting kit to buy. I have NO idea what to even look at! Please give me a shopping list (to include which type of lamps to buy)! Also, for the lighting, does it just plug into the wall outlet? Do you know if it will work with a transformer? We have 220v here in Belgium, so anything 110v has to be plugged into a transformer. Also, I am going to order the wood flooring. How much do you think I'll need to do 2-3 rooms? What about the carpeting? And finally, how do you a
  11. Hello! I just received the Beacon Hill for my birthday! I have wanted to build a dollhouse for a LONG time, and now that I have it I'm a little nervous! LOL I am making my list of supplies right now. My biggest challenge is that I live overseas and finding specific materials is not that easy. Most of my shopping will be online purchases, and I'm hoping that I won't have a problem finding stores that will ship to an APO! I am excited to get started, but I'm making myself remain calm so I can do this right the first time! My first question is (and it's probably been asked a gazillion times
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