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About Me


Spring 2015- a collector approached me late 2014 with real interest in the JP Morgan 1/6 scale doll house after he saw my article in Miniature Collector Magazine, my husband said as long as your sure go ahead and sell it if you want. Well I started to miss it very much , so I took everything I loved about it and learned from it and designed a 1/6 scale Manor House in the 1/6 scale. it is as tall and wide as the Morgan but not as deep so 7 ft x 7 ft x 4 ft. The staircase is designed after the Highclere Castle staircase with Gothic balusters and windows. In my head its simple, 9 stacking room boxes featuring the huge Gothic windows, floor to ceiling fireplaces and beautiful 1/6 scale furniture.


Its now March 2014, I have had the JP Morgan ''Colossal'' dollhouse since January, the first few weeks were spent cleaning and getting smells out, OMG. But this house is so wonderful 7ft high, 7 ft wide and 6 ft deep with working doors and windows a massive curved staircase that runs the full depth of the house, Crown moldings and baseboards, building fireplaces, the double opening entry doors with half lights above and sidelights on each side. Then on to finding light fixtures for the great dining room, to go with the wonderful 1/6 scale dining set. considering its age its in good shape, only one missing door and window, I need to build dormers only one is left.

The dining room is turning out spectacular, and I have a very good start on a study for 007. Ah yes a 1/6 scale  Daniel Craig doll was given to me by my husband!  Big plans for modern kitchen [ stainless steel ] and bath, tub and tiled shower, make up vanity and walk in closet, with lots of storage for the gowns shoes and purses etc. for the Lady of the house.


June 23rd 2013


The Tudor Coaching Inn has cleared customs and is on its way to Iowa! We were told it would arrive by 6/27/13 cant wait to see it, we are moving the home computer desk to the bedroom so the house has its own spot in the living room, seems like our house has become a small museum. Good thing he encourages this.


Its now the end of March 2013,


I have been spending much time on the interior of the European Castle style house, I have wanted to cut doorways to the 4 story stairwell ever since the house came home Dec 2011. Now I can see clear into far rooms! Once I did that, I was off and running with, getting the lighting installed, learning to make molds to create the door casings,[ thanks to my hubby how didnt let me give up on mold making] then flooring, some stenciled, but all custom, even custom printed carpets for the 2nd floor. Then I switched my attention to the Cathedral, which I have not touched since it is an antique, BUT I have dreamed of making a new base to replace the original with had a gigantic old speaker attached to it blocking my view of the interior. I had always hoped I could make some type of flooring pattern fitting for a cathedral, and I had alot of fun doing it!

The biggest news of all is a Tudor Inn thats on its way to us from the UK, it took 3 guys, 4.5 years to build and its built with Tudor construction techniques, like the hammer beam ceiling with wind bracing. Its the finest example of a Tudor I have ever seen, Its been on display at Chester Cathedral, and I didnt think there could be a Tudor as fine as Jeremys scratch built. [ on Greenleaf ]


And the real life porch remodel was scraped, but its ok. We really need to find a place with a studio or build on instead!


Almost July 2012 now


I have become a collector, my real life house is full of miniature mansions [ all my mini houses are big! ] Starting with the 1920s antique Cathedral, with over 100 gothic windows. The 9 ft English Manor house shell, that I picked up in St Paul MN, I am having the time of my life giving it an interior, to the 3 one of a kind houses I picked up in IL, the Tudorish house , Louisianna Plantation house and what the build calls European Dream castle This one I started on the interior right away, they others not right now. Even picked up 2 wall hanging Frank Lloyd Wright style houses from the same builder on that trip, these are hanging at my dads house, And I cant forget

I started a second scratch build, its inspired by Beauty and the Beast.


I finally added my dormers to my French Chateau, I continue to paper the English Manor and am slowly finding just the right interior lool for my Beauty and Beast interior walls,


High on my list is Real Life porch remodel where 4 of my houses live, its all windows, so I had to hang heavy fabric to keep it cool and dark to protect the work done on these houses. so the answer is take out the 13 windows add a few new ones to give the front of my house a new look and a much more comfortable space for doll houses with limited sunlight



What a great year in Miniatures, its now near the end of 2010, 11/26. And I now have experience with 6 dollhouses, I now know how to electrify, and I learned enough in one year that

dollhouse #6 is my own grand design. its been started with an new album up.


I have experience with 2 dollhouses one miniature and one Barbie [ playscale sized ] neither are electrified but I think this is the year I will learn.

I have been daydreaming about castles for sometime now, But watching '' The Tudors '' has really fueled it, so I have lots of ideas for the Barbie refurb. [ and very little builder experience, but its on my list ]


The sheer elegance depicted in the Tudors period costumes and castle is fabulous!


I also have a Christmas village that fits 3, 8ft tables complete with sparkly snow, they are glass covered to reflect street lamps, city park, gazebo, mirror for lake, homes, shops and other accessories. [ not fully set up at this time ]


Both my husband and I paint, and we have the same taste in art, Waterhouse, Alma Tedama, Bouguereau, Parrish many more.


We very much enjoyed visiting Chicago Art Institute [ last 2 vacations ] plus we had the added perks of the miniature rooms in the basement, these are a must see they are beyond words, since they are authentic period rooms of different regions including Europe. The lighting and added special effects as you pear into these rooms and out through their windows into gardens and simulated streets is amazing. I was a kid in a candy shop for this and the Coleen Moore Fairy Tale Castle at the Museum of Science and Industry. I can only dream of my own miniature castle, hers is spectacular with Mother of Pearl floors as a mere example of the spendor.

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