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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My prayers are with you. Kirsten
  2. It is so beautiful and I just love the colors! What a wonderful house - I can't wait to see how you furnish it! Kirsten
  3. I used the same color to prime the wood as I used for the stucco. That way, if there were any "gaps" in the stucco, the same color would show through. Kirsten
  4. kfkelly


    The floors look terrific! This is a really fun house to build. Kirsten
  5. Finished up the Bobbie and started in on the Alison Jr. I only got about 1/2 the priming done - hopefully I can get to the rest of it sometime this week, but work is a little crazy right now, so not sure when I can get to it. I also can't figure out the exterior colors for it - keep going round and round and round and round and ........... Kirsten
  6. kfkelly

    Mini on the way!

    Congratulations!!!!! This is terrific news and I am SO happy for you and Chris!!! April will be here before you know it. How WONDERFUL for the three of you!!! Kirsten
  7. Thanks. I think the problem was because I did put it on WAY too thick in places - that seems to be where the cracking is. I've watered down the left over stucco I saved and am applying that to some of the cracks that are less easily visible. After that dries, I'll see if it that helps fix the problem. If it does, I'll "paint" the thinned down stucco in the cracks. Kirsten
  8. I am building an old The Bobbie kit and the wood was in pretty bad shape, so I decided to stucco the outside. I used GL dollhouse stucco and I must have put it on too thick. After drying, there are hairline cracks in parts of the stucco. Is there any way to fix this? Or give it a better appearance? I primed it with the same color as the stucco, so there's no difference in color, but the cracks are really bugging me. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Kirsten
  9. Sure seems like a lot of people are sick - I have the most horrible cold that I can't seem to shake, so staying home. I want to try to finish the Bobbie today and tomorrow - I only have to glue in the stairs, shingle the roof and touch up paint. A friend of mine is building furniture for it and it goes to our church auction in February. Kirsten
  10. These tips have been really helpful! The information I get from members of this forum is incredible. Thank you! Kirsten
  11. I wonder if I could find one of her books at the library - on Amazon the book Making Miniatures listed used for $68 and new for over $1000 (that has GOT to be a typo!!) Kirsten
  12. I don't know how your relationship is, but I would return it and just simply say it wasn't useful in the house you have. I used to really try to get stuff people would like and really only hit it 50% or so of the time. I made sure each person knew that I had absolutely no problem with them returning anything and ALWAYS included the gift receipt so that they could. I then went to a "give me your gift list" a couple years ago and always only bought from that (still included a gift receipt though!) and that worked so much better. I think I hit a 100% this year - yeah!!!! It may be just me, but an expensive Bissell as a gift that wasn't asked for has a whole lotta other issues with it. (reminds me TOTALLY of my mother - my mother in law would never have done it which I always appreciated) Could be just me though reading too much into it. But, still. Really? A $300 Bissell with not a lot of carpet? Kirsten
  13. Happy Birthday! Glad you are having a FABULOUS (eating!) day!!!!! Kirsten
  14. This topic has been GREAT! Thanks to everyone about their ideas - definitely trying some, since I love the look of a brick foundation on a house. Kirsten
  15. I've used the "hooks" from hooks and eyes to hang things (pictures, curtain rods, plaques, etc ) - Jo Med gave me the idea and it worked out great. Maybe that would work for you? Kirsten
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