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    Gardening, reading, home improvement and now dollhouses! Am just finishing up my first dollhouse now.

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  1. kfkelly


    The floors look terrific! This is a really fun house to build. Kirsten
  2. kfkelly


    Thank you Janice! It was fun. I'm doing the Bobbie now, but I don't think I have the talent to do siding like yours. Kirsten
  3. kfkelly


    Thank you! It was fun to do.
  4. kfkelly


    Thank you! What a nice thing to say - I really enjoyed doing this house! Kirsten
  5. kfkelly

    Bayberry Cottage

    This house is for a Ronald McDonald fundraiser. What a great house to build - really fun, although the roof was tricky. Thank goodness for spackle!
  6. kfkelly

    Victorian Cottage

    I made this house for my friend's new granddaughter. She wanted to furnish it which is why it is so empty. Color were picked out by the new mom!
  7. Ohhhh - your colors are lovely! This is a really distinctive house, really nice features. I built it and loved the way it ended up, but had a really tough time with parts of it! Kirsten
  8. Wow - this is truly amazing. I love it - you are so creative! Kirsten
  9. This is wonderful! I keep looking at your pictures over and over and keep seeing something new. Simply outstanding! Kirsten
  10. It is amazing, simply wonderful! I love looking at it! Kirsten
  11. kfkelly

    100_0391 (Small).jpg

    I love the owl with the package on the roof! Great job! Kirsten
  12. Ohhhhhh I want to move right in! Looks wonderful! Kirsten
  13. kfkelly

    Front view

    You do remarkable work! The details are amazing! Wow. Kirsten
  14. Thanks Holly - good advice. The first bed I made turned out HUGE for the bedroom in first house I built and had to buy something else that fit. I love children/nursery rooms and always want one in each house I make. So far I have only done nurseries so want to try something new. Kirsten
  15. I went to buy several packages from Joanne's (since I forgot while at Micheals) and they didn't have any except the colored ones. Love what everyone did with them and have bookmarked this page. Thanks! I especially want to try the bunkbed, bookshelves and the parquet flooring. Kirsten
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