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  1. The bread is just superb. The cornmeal really gives it the right texture, doesn't it- I'd be willing to eat your sliced bread!
  2. OMGosh! Mossy Manor is so charming! and My Mini Shop!!! Wow your webshots gallery is incredible- I am in love wiith your work!! and how wonderful to have taken Rik's class. OK~ that's it- I gotta go order some DAS!
  3. UPDATE: It may amuse some of you experienced builder/artists to know that I went searching thru the galleries and links and I finally found that cute mossy cottage with the curved dormer window that I thought a forum members' husband may have built... rik pierce~ lol! and the storybook cottage http://community.webshots.com/user/rikpierce ah, what I'd give for that "kit"! Hey, I'm pretty fluent in magic words too! Thanks for all offers of help! Everything's all worked out and I'm looking for a kit...
  4. Oh-oh! Did you do a full inventory? Hmmmm
  5. I'm going to make some minature trees from a kit first then...eek- all those leaves!
  6. Thanks- I'm going to start with an easier one but when I get back to this lovely house I'll use your tips! ;)
  7. Thanks- Lisa's Arthur is great and her Sugarplum... Wow!
  8. Wow- what completely wonderful pieces! I'm working on a similar theme- the esoteric magic stuff, too. It sounds like you have many inventive, intriging things~ I can't wait for photos! I'm in the collecting stage- I have my little witchy one and some of her accoutrements but no setting yet... Welcome and good luck with identication of your mysterious find. ;) Also welcome to you too, Rivalingparis ;)
  9. You've hit it exactly, Cat- my partner and I were both willing but a little daunted at the prospect of the big ole Beacon Hill and so are thinking about a smaller kit. I think Holly, you were right about Overstock.com too. Now, (hindsight etc. etc.) I figure store return merchandise to be a large part of their inventory. For me, that'll influence what types of things I may or may not wish to purchase from them in the future. I'm planning to go thru the galllery here again, and follow member links to find a cottage kit we like- especially one we can make mossy and quaint. Several
  10. Aw~~ thanks for that big hug**** one can never get too many!~~~ One bright side is I get to choose a kit *all over again* I'm all for variety~ and another bright side is all the tools and supplies are purchased and have arrived so I'm really ready! :angry:
  11. Ah! sorry, doogster~ B) I'm still a wee bit touchy about it all- they sold it to me as new~ and what with the confusing inventory, the explanations and emails and finally repackaging and returning such a big heavy item, it was all a troublesome time-consuming thing. But indeed, they are being gentlemanly about it. And you are right- that's a good thing to know about a company. I've purchased other items from them which I was very satisfied with, and I will again. Thanks for explaining :angry:
  12. I bought it from Overstock.com. They were very polite about my returning it after I explained what I found as they requested. They "review" the item once they get it back before they agree to credit back the cost. So they sent me a return shipping label, I shipped it back just a few days ago and now it's just the waiting...
  13. Not yet, altho I've shipped the kit back, I have yet to receive a credit, so I'm waiting for that before I buy another.
  14. In the kit is a large diagram showing each and every sheet of parts contained in the kit- my parts for two sheets did not match the diagram- how anyone could put such a kit together without getting a big unhappy headache is beyond me- I don't think any manufacturer would have intentionally done what I found in my kit. I returned my particular kit after having deduced that it had been previously opened- the box had been sealed with lots of small pieces of strapping tape and there was no "glue seal" as the outside of the Beacon Hill box states there should be. The inclusion of a full
  15. It's coming along wonderfully~ and in such a tricky area too! Great work- you are inspiring me!! :lol:
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