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  1. I love my closet doors. Keep those coming!!! Also, pocket doors!!!!!!!!!!! The folding stairs are really neat. I have no idea what else was in the Timberbrook line, so I can't say what else I would love to have. Oh, and if you have a website you can put a link in your signature. I am so happy you checked out the forum and joined us, please have a look around and post in the gallery when you can!
  2. mollymmoore


    Good job! Everytime I see another Orchid, it makes me want another kit. I love seeing progress photos. This so reminds me of how much joy I had building that very first one. Thank you for sharing your photos!
  3. Yes, I couldn't help myself and added the folding attic stairs to my purchase. I asked the seller, minirabbit, about it just in time! She was preparing to package my closet doors so I'll have everything shipped in one package! Now, I only need to snoop around and find out about the height of the room below the tower in the San Franciscan. I'll probably go to that section of the forum to ask.
  4. Thanks for the photos fov and rodentraiser! Yeah, the placement of your closet in the Westville is very clever! I have one in a box, it's one I want to keep for myself, so I don't know when I'll get around to working on it. I may take your lead and put a closet there, that would be fun! I haven't made any definate plans for that build other than it will be inspired by many of the homes I remember seeing in rural Ohio as a child. There were many, many carpenter gothic country homes in that area as I can remember. So it will have some inspiration of mid century (1940ish) that's aged but not beyo
  5. I am getting the louvered doors. Two sets of the smaller ones and one of the big. I almost could cry when I saw all the stuff listed! I think otterine had a closet kit that she used on her blog, but that's the only closet kit I've seen to date. I hope to make a nice bedroom closet and maybe bathroom towel closet when I build my San Franciscan. I'm making my own kitchen cabinet set for my current build. I am confident in making a closet when I am ready. I only wish I knew more about power tools (other than dremel rotary) so I could have a scroll saw and some kind of table saw suitable for mini
  6. When my closet doors come in, I will share some photos. The doors are for a house I have not started yet, but I'm really glad to be gathering some of the additional supplies for it.
  7. Yay! Looking good! The Orchid will always have a special place in my heart, it made me fall in love with dollhouses. Great idea with a primrose addition, I look forward to that.
  8. If I had to do this over again, I would have cut off the ends of stick pins and put them through the beads and used clear Aileens tacky glue. I was only learning when I assembled these, but I learned so much from them!
  9. This is what she told me. I was grinning so big. She isn't active on any forums and I really want this line to come back, so help spread the word. I love the variety of the timberbrook line but it was already out of production by the time I started getting serious about my dollhousing.
  10. I've been in contact with the owner of an ebay shop and apparently the timberbrook products will be coming back. I'm really excited to have some closet doors I've been searching for a long time! Am I the only one excited with this news?
  11. Your porch looks amazing!!!!!! Let me get a glass of lemonade and relax a bit. ;) Did you use plastic canvas for the lattice work?
  12. Looks great! I'm much to intimidated to try that kit anytime soon. Good Job!
  13. mollymmoore


    That kit is on my wish list! I'm sure you'll do great with it!
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