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  1. Now that my beautiful new work station is built I have the building bug in full force!! I’ve done a lot of work since the last time I updated this blog. Since I’m at work I don’t have access to the pics right now, but if you take a peak at my gallery or even my web shots you can see them for now I am almost completely done with the side paneling of the house! This is the first time I’ve ever side paneled and let me tell you, it’s a pain in the butt!! But I am really pleased with the over all appearance of the house with it, it really does make a huge difference. The only part I am having trou
  2. Ms. Mini

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    Nutti your Arthur is looking great!! I love the exterior! and of course I love all the wonderful gifts everyone gave you as well! EDIT: I LOVE the wallpaper in the living room! its perfect!!!
  3. Well I happy to stay that ive made it to the top floor! whoo hoo! well since I was having problems with the 3rd floor bottom being unlevel putting in the right, left, and front walls was very tricky. I ended up triming the bottom slots a little bit so they would fit better. then used ALOT of glue. took about 40 mins of holding certain pieces while they dried, then carefully fitting the next piece in. the 2 post on the side of the house were very easy to put on. just put some dabs of glue cliped on a few clips to hold it while it dried, and wa la! perfecto :w
  4. Well I wanted to get a warm, kind of hispantic feel for my kitchen fireplace. I dont know why because this house is definitley not that style house, but thats what the house was "saying" to me, so I had to do it. lol I started staining and gluing together the small fireplace that came with the house. After that I went to Michaels and bought 2 bags of tile. The come with 25 pieces each and its only 2.99 per bag. Very inexpensive which I LOVE. I chose to go with a gray and faded purple. I started out glueing one of each color over and over again to forum a tile patter down the
  5. this is the cutest christmas house! i love this idea/concept. someday i would like to do a mckinely. I love the fact that its so easy to display!
  6. Wow has it really been 2 months since I worked on this house? Poor thing.. this is what it looked like this morning when I went start on the house.. poor thing had become a shelve instead of a dollhouse! So i dug right in and started staining the 2 walls that contect to the master bedroom and bathroom on the 2nd floor... after that I decided to finish wallpapering the downstairs staircase wall that has the diamond shape window after the glue was dry I then attached the wall to the house. I can seem to find my glue gun so I had to use wood glue, which
  7. Oh Nutti its gorgous! I love it, you did such an amazing job. and i see you stuck with your favorite color! hehe By the way i want a mini house now!! these are too cute! where i are getting them? off ebay? i saw them on miniature.com but they were a little expensive.
  8. Well I just realized I could create a blog. And I figured why the heck not? The Willowcrest is truly such and incredible house, and Im really enjoying building it. This is my 3rd house to build. And the one thing I learned while building the Garfield was that you have to take your time. And that the steps the directions give you arent always the best. for example. the directions said to glue the windows on before assemble. thats great and all but when it comes to painting the house itself. it wasnt exaclty "easy". So this house im kind of doing it my own way. And I'm really happy with the resu
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